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Skipping Class: Da7e and Muse Correct Gossip Girl

Not a lot of NYU went down this week on Gossip Girl. On one hand, that means less time spent Downtown for our Upper East-siders and therefore fewer hilarious inaccuracies for us to pinpoint. On the other hand, this episode did a lot of good for the show as a whole, finally dispelling the non-drama of Scott being Rufus and Lily’s love child and getting those same two to tie the damn knot already!

The wasted Sonic Youth cameo aside, Gossip Girl decided to play her cards right this week and get us moving in the direction of the show we love to watch. Backstabbings (though Georgina’s was a little anti-climatic), double-crosses, love and...well, shucks, it just doesn’t feel like the show it once was unless someone offers Carter a plane ticket to get the eff out of town.

Amongst the cracks and seams of the fifth episode of the third season were some questions we finally got answered. How do you really spell Endless K/Nights? What is that fake coffee shop they are always at and where on campus is it?

With those on the tips of our pointy minds, let’s rock!

Season 3, Episode 5: “Rufus Getting Married”
Aired: 10/12/09
We Went To NYU: 2003-2007

On Gossip Girl:

Dan accesses a generic Verizon chat client on the street to IM with Olivia.


Well, NYU has great internet coverage in dorms and at NYU buildings that you can sign into with your ID, but…

Da7e: … I’m just happy, after seeing it spelled Endless Nights at several internet outlets, that we finally know the correct spelling of Olivia’s Twilight rip-off series. And – honestly – Dan would have an iPhone because he’s a rich NYU student and status symbols are status symbols regardless of product placement.

Muse: Wait, it's Endless Knights?! Like...they are Knights for all time? Okay, I guess that works...though Endless Nights makes WAY more sense. Unless the twist is they were made into Vampires in Medieval times so they would be Knights forever, endlessly serving their country or some shit. Hmmm...that idea isn't half bad...?

On Gossip Girl:

Dan is using Vanessa’s screen name to talk to Olivia because Georgina is stalking him. Vanessa says he should just tell Georgina since “we all live on the same floor anyway.”


Screen name? Georgina would be stalking Dan on Twitter, and you know Dan Twitters horribly: “Found long lost brother, parents married. Miss Olivia so bad. Faulkner time.”

Da7e: I don’t know how this goes for all NYU Freshman, but I hooked up with someone the first week of Freshman year and when I ignored her she wept uncontrollably. Then I didn’t see her for three years. Problem solved.

Muse: Hold on. Dan has a Twitter account? Did I not actually pay attention to this episode? All my college hook-ups were angst ridden, but I don't think I ever made anyone weep uncontrollably. Though I suppose I wouldn't know either let's pretend I made someone totally cry. Good plan. But why did Dan hook up with evil Georgina to begin with? Obviously she was gonna go crazy. Come on.

On Gossip Girl:

Vanessa says: “I’m gonna hit The Bleeker,” and we’re like: ‘Whaaaaat?” Later, Vanessa meets Georgina at that fictional coffee house.



The Bleeker may be fake, but its name is okay. Most of Bleeker St is on campus. However, if you want the real student hang out coffee shop, you’re looking for Think! Coffee on Mercer and 3rd. They have free WiFi, coffee and a wine bar. Not only that but it’s literally on campus, mere blocks from the central hub of NYU buildings. Think! also has a Bleeker Street location, but it’s a bit of a hoof from Washington Square Park.

Da7e: I still go to Think! sometimes to work, meet people or check out scantily clad college students in the spring and fall. I also recommend it for that.

Muse: If I still lived in New York, I'd still go to Think! when I was in the neighborhood. That place rocks and could probably use the publicity, it being a tiny coffee house chain. Gossip Girl. Get on it.

On Gossip Girl:

Dan walks in on Vanessa photoshopping a picture of Olivia and Orlando Bloom.


Once again with the guest sign-in policy: Dan ain’t surprising NO ONE. Also, what kind of idiot does her secret celebrity photoshopping with the door open to her dorm’s hallway?

Da7e: It’s been bugging me for awhile, but the hallway shot they use for Vanessa’s dorm puts her in the room at the end of the hall, but the interior shots of Vanessa’s dorm have a series of rooms directly across from her.

Muse: I know personally that whenever I play with celebrity photoshopping in my room, I keep the door wide open. But that's just me. ... Wait, where does Dan live? Home? Not the dorm?

On Gossip Girl:

Scott confronts his parents, Lily yells at him like a bitch, then Rufus knocks some sense into himself and goes after him…to Chinatown and the Chinatown bus.


Pitch perfect, Gossip Girl writers. Scott may not have been an actually NYU student, but that’s how any student who wants to get to Boston gets there: hours on a smelly, overcrowded bus. But it only costs $15 and how else are you gonna get to Boston? Oh yeah, we’re supposed to remember Mr. Chuck has a helicopter…

Da7e: So many sights and smells on the Chinatown Bus. Oh, Boston memories.

Muse: Never took it. Took that NYU bus a lot though, which no one on GG has done yet.

Final Thoughts On “Rufus Getting Married:"

Da7e: Yeah, it was great to see Gossip Girl start locking their characters back into the positions they’ve earned over two seasons. Blair needs to be orchestrating something, even if it’s in the background. Dan needs to be an idiot, because he is an idiot and treating him any other way has resulted in bland storylines. No one cares about Serena, but her cleavage is wonderful and I therefore I don’t notice her flat dialogue. Yup. It’s pretty sweet. But when the hell are these kids actually going to school? “My Dad is getting married” and “My new parents’ secret love child just revealed himself to be alive” are great excuses for Dan, but Vanessa and Blair don’t have any good excuse to fall back on. Light Freshman class load, gals?

Muse: My freshman year was jam packed - I WANNA SEE SOME CLASS SOON. Where are the hot professors? And the not hot professors? And all the fun that is to be mined from encountering kids from the various schools, especially Tisch? But overall, I was happy with this episode. Glad to see Georgina just owning up to being the bitch we all know she is. "Haven't you ever tried to get somebody to dump a celebrity before?!" "No" might have been my favorite exchange. Also glad to see the end of Brie/Nate (hopefully?). So she used him to get to Carter? How did she even know Nate knew him? Why do I care? Nate's storyline is Silver status right now - as in Silver on 90210 has the worst storyline ever at the moment and I tune out all of her scenes. Be prepared for the conclusion of this Brie and Carter nonsense to open the door for Nate & Serena. can do much better...did we all SEE that black dress she was wearing at the wedding?

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