Thursday, October 15, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different

I just figured this out

My relationship to each of the LCS teams (and a few others) as described in actual relationship metaphor.

The Braves - My Grade School Crush

The Yankees - My On & Off Friend With Benefits

The Mets - An Intense, But Short, Love Affair

The Angels - My First Real Relationship

The Dodgers - The Person I Just Started Dating

The Phillies - My Best Friend's Boyfriend

So who do you think I'm rooting for, based on this?


Coop said...

Heh. I guess all of baseball would kinds be The Special Friend that I could always hook up with and we actually had a long relationship but one time pissed me off and so we ended the whole thing.

The Danifesto said...

Hahaha. I love you.

Mine would be:

Phillies: soul mate, love of my life

Yankees: the person where you hate each other for a long time but secretly are harboring a crush, and then you start hooking up

Dodgers: we used to hook up but now they're popular and slutty so we don't hook up anymore

Mets: bitter rivals, pure hatred, no sexual chemistry or tension at all

Angels: had a one-night stand many years ago

Red Sox: really close friend who your briefly hooked up with but then everything changed so now you hate each other

Braves: we used to be mortal enemies but now I just kinda feel bad for them

Cubs: what a loser... I'd never hook up with you

moderately old soul said...
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moderately old soul said...

The Yankees are all things to me: my first friend, my best friend, my first relationship, the love of my life, the one that got away, the one that turned me off of love altogether... and now we've met up again and are giving it another go -- it's not quite the same, but I feel like a little girl in love again. I'm thinking about popping the question and making it official (because there has never been nor ever will be anyone else in the picture) but I'm not sure if I can commit yet. I remember the heartbreak, and it's too much to go through again. He has to prove himself to me; it'll be easier this time because his fickle father isn't as domineering as he once was.

The Mets are definitely my best friend's boyfriend. I like him mostly because my friend likes him, but I also think he's a nice enough guy who means well. I sometimes wonder why she sticks with him, and she wonders too, but we all grew up together, so it's habit at this point. Put him in competition with my boyfriend and he just doesn't compare; she'll stick up for him, though, and I'll support him for her sake, but my boyfriend is clearly better.