Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mini Review: Y: The Last Man

More instant messaging inspired funtimes.

@ronpurtee: that Brian K Vaughan is good writerer
@eruditechick: he sure is
@ronpurtee: can you liken Y to anything?
@eruditechick: .......like what?
@ronpurtee: how good it is? is it preacher good?

(and now, the review)

@eruditechick: It is unsurpassed in its genre. I have never read or seen anything before or since that was as emotionally complicated, realistically presented, or deeply explored but with perfect timing, pacing and brevity. Y: The Last Man is a masterwork.
@ronpurtee: wow
@eruditechick: yuip.

I found something close, though, recently: The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, but in very different ways.

david, you are exempt from commenting, since we all know how vehemently you disagree, and also, you don't count because you left us for Japan, you lousy hooer.


david said...

zomg, y the last man is the most juvenile, embarrassingly written shit ever. and silly that you mentioned pacing as the first 2 books (all i could stomach) were so lurch-like, the characters so ingratiating (and i was able to relate to cloud strife!) or downright dull (that woman he pals around with) that i couldn't be bothered to care about the young lad's further adventures.

cowboy bebop!!!oneone!!!!

... have i hit my monthly quota of vitriol yet? cause i've got some touring of the yebisu beer museum / gundam visiting to do here in tokyo. ughh and i found you, the living on dvd at tsutaya in shibuya but no english subs! booooourns.