Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Hand Gundam Video

ATFG's own "david, the token boy" fulfilled a very special request of ours (well...of EruditeChick's and our podcast buddies', @timothyreese and @scarletscribe. I do not yet understand the majesty of GundumGundam in Tokyo! And filmed it. So here it is, the GundumGundam, narration by david.

[ED: holy crap that's awesome gunDAMN- Gundam Wing fangirl, Erudite Chick]


Nathanayel Isladiuk said...


EruditeChick said...

Sweet Jesus, woman. Gundam. GUNDAM.

LoquaciousMuse said...

Thanks Eruditechick :)

- non-gundam wing fangirl

david said...

ugh, this doofy video was not intended for public consumption due to rampant doofiness. also, i physically walk into my travel partner elena at one point. but yes... the gundam. this thing was RIDICULOUS.