Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scene of the Week - 1/14/12

Of the 8000 shows I watch and other 8000 shows I'm behind on watching this week's best scenes came down to two easy answers:

2. Ted and Lily Are(n't) Horrible People - How I Met Your Mother

In order to get Ted to admit he is displeased with Barney and Robin's engagement, Lily admits she sometimes wishes she wasn't a mother. Alyson Hannigan killed it by immediately and honestly bursting into tears during her confession. A great scene for her as a performer, and further proof that this show is a lot better than the people who don't watch it think it is. Marshall & Lily's difficult time adjusting to new parenthood has underscored the entire season

1. The Entire Fringe Series Finale

From my tumblr,

Wow. THAT was a series finale. 
Thank you Fringe for these past four and a half years. From your slow start in season one to the impact of the eighteenth episode of season two, to one of the best seasons of television ever aired, period, with season three, to the ups and downs of season four, to the most satisfying series finale I’ve ever seen in season five, I along with tons of other fans have stuck with you throughout it all and can now officially say without hesitation - it was so very very worth it. 
Thank you for most fascinating cases-of-the-week on TV, for a plot development so daring it alienated all your fair-weather viewers (eh, screw em anyway), for being hard core fucking science fiction on network television (that got to finish telling its story!), for performances so brilliant, I feel bad for anyone who hasn’t gotten to experience them, and for an investment in character and relationships that rarely seem to exist anymore anywhere. Thank you for Peter & Olivia, for Astrid, for LINCOLN LEE, for Nina, for Broyles, for Belly, for September, and most of all, for the wonderful Walter and his journey over these five seasons. John Noble is a god among men.  
SO wearing my Observer hat tomorrow.

"You are my very favorite thing"
"You can stop checking out my young ass"
"It's a beautiful name"