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Is The Lucky One creepy?

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You guys have totally seen The Lucky One by now, right? Ok, fine, let's back track. You guys have seen the trailer for The Lucky One by now, right? To not pay attention, you'd see, oh, Zac Efron is a soldier and he falls for this lady and they do it a lot, and her ex husband doesn't like it, plus Nicholas Sparks! But when you actually dissect what's going on, things start to become...uncomfortable...and it begs the question - is The Lucky One creepy? Find out after the jump. Oh, and spoilers await you. If you care.

Fell For A Picture

So the first red flag here is the fact that Zac Efron's Logan falls in love with a photo. He randomly finds this photo of some woman, Beth, who, if you have a brain, you could figure was probably a fellow solider's soon-to-be widow, sister, or daughter, and turn it in to oh you know, lost and found, just in case it was really important to someone?  But that's what people with brains do, so it's a moot point here. This photo acts as a good luck charm for Logan, while it really *should* be acting as a good luck charm for whoever dropped it. Is what I would be thinking. If I was Zef Logan. I mean, is there any way to spin taking and obsessing over this photo as anything other than kind of creepo? 

Stalked Her
Okay, so as he holds on to this photo, good things start to happen, like him not dying, so Logan is like ZOMG lucky charm! I keep not dying even though everyone around me is dying, how lucky is this photo, I better go find her! So then he finds her. I repeat, he finds her. What?! Ahhh! Stop it! So he went to all the trouble to track down a woman from her photo? More than that - WALKED from Colorado to Louisiana to track her down cause he "likes" "walking". And then has shower sex with her without ever mentioning that he is obsessed with her and made a point of FINDING her?! Worse yet, he does things like come over late and night and just kind of stare at her silently with a dumb blank look on his face until he starts just making out ON her. No, I am creeped out. Eyu. Way to scar someone for life, Zef Logan. Although to be fair, she does ask him why he came there on at least two occasions and both times he does respond "to find you," so chick had warning. S'all I'm saying.

Logan Is Secretly A Harbinger Of Death
Remember that time I said everyone around him keeps dying? Yeah. Major Spoiler Alert This trend keeps going up until the end when he saves Beth's son Ben from a raging river in a storm, but Ben's abusive dad, Keith, gets his foot stuck and dies a horrible violent death. After Keith dies this horrible violent death, no one really seems that upset about it? Everyone's just kind of like, oh, Keith may or may not have died, okay! Flash forward to a year later, Logan, Beth and Ben are on a boat, everyone's happy, no one feels bad that this kids dad died a super awful death right in front of all of them that was ultimately kind of the kid's fault. Can Harbinger of Death Zef Logan wipe memories too?!

Lots of Dog Manhandling
There are multiple montages featuring Zac Efron manhandling dogs. I get it - he is working as a trainer/groomer/whateverer, but how many shots can you have of Zac Efron cuddling dogs in ONE movie, I mean, it's a little bizarre. And sexy? No, mostly bizarre. Okay, kind of sexy. SHUT UP.

Bulked Up Zac Efron
Sure, Efron's arms look delectable on the giant bilboards for The Lucky One, and okay, yes, his back muscles look really nice in this totally inappropriate gif going around, but I stand by the fact that Efron looks much better as a normal guy with normal muscle tone. Big bulky Zac Efron is just too much. It looks kind of strange, he looks way older, and almost looks like a different person from his 17 Again days. It all just makes me kind of uncomfortable.

Despite all of this, at the end of the day, The Lucky One isn't actually that creepy because so what, he found some photo and happened to have a bunch of sex with the girl in the photo before telling her he found it. He's still great with her kid and didn't do anything illegal and did technically tell her he was there to find her, so....wait. Nope. It is. It is creepy. And also, side note, not very good. Maybe next time, Zef.


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