Saturday, October 22, 2011

Best Finds of New York Comic Con 2011

It's becoming somewhat of a trend here to give you guys the rundown of the best purchases and giveaways available at the major Conventions held across the country. We began with Wondercon, continued with Comic-Con, and now we present our first New York Comic Con edition. I'll think you'll agree that the Dealer's Room offerings here were especially impressive.

Walking Dead Merch: Lunchbox
Every time I go to a Convention, I buy the newest merchandise for The Walking Dead (Comic). This has resulted in my owning multiple pins and bracelets, a hoodie, a board game, and now, a lunchbox, which I used to protect all of the stickers I got from the floor, including one listed below. The guys at the booth now recognize me, but even knowing the fellas working the booth can't get you a sold out copy of the Rise of the Governor book without specifically requesting they hold one for you beforehand. Luckily, the book can be picked up in any comic book store, so I'm not devastated, but still, would have been nice to have something awesome to read on the flight home. If you dig collecting lunch boxes like I don't, but I bought one anyway, head to the TFAW site November 2nd.

One of the Entertainment Earth exclusives, this "Tin Tote" (okay FINE it's also a lunchbox), isn't available anywhere else until January. But I snatched one up during preview night and will be giving it as a gift to a Dr Who loving friend this winter. When the time comes, you can get one for yourself here.

Harry Potter Tote/Dumbledore Bottle Opener
Perhaps my favorite purchase of the entire convention was this tote bag that reads Mooney & Wormtail & Padfoot & Prongs and if you don't know what that means, I am sad for you. @eruditechick also picked up this design in Gryffindor colors on a t-shirt. This same booth also offered multiple designs that could be printed on a button, bottle opener, or pocket mirror, so naturally I got Dumbledore Is My Homeboy for a Dumbledore loving friend of mine. Other designs included Winter is Coming, with the Stark sigil, which I saw tons of ladies wearing on Sunday, and Keep Calm and Call The Doctor. To peruse all of these items, head to Evie's Tees on ETSY. Complete shirt collection sold at NYCC can be seen here.


Attack the Block Signed Art Print
Definitely my favorite freebie of the convention, this art print was being given out at the Attack the Block DVD panel, which featured director Joe Cornish, and actors John Boyega and Luke Treadway. All three stayed until the bitter end to make sure every single person in the audience got their poster signed. I could never get my hands on a poster tube, so to get it home safe, I carried it with me for my entire airport and airplane experience.

Kill Shakespeare Buttons/Shirts
Whether you are a fan of the comic or not, all of the brand new Kill Shakespeare merchandise was one of the highlights of the floor. Merely being a fan of Shakespeare is enough to appreciate the wide variety of shirts and Heroes/Villains button collection.

Marvel Toki Dokis
I'm late to the game on this one, as friends of mine @eruditechick and @e_sophia got the bulk of their Marvel Toki Dokis at Comic-Con, but better late than never! Buy two blind boxes for $10, and hope you get the Marvel character you want! The first two I opened were Hulk and Iron Man, which I almost thought was too good to be true. Bought two more just in case they would somehow be Cap and Thor. They weren't, they were Spidey and Vision, but eryn_sophia, lucky enough to have two Caps, traded me  to add Vision to her collection. All I really need now is a Thor and well, okay, a Wolverine, but am I willing to buy blind box after blind box til I get them? Only time Wondercon will tell....

Avengers Character Shirts
When I first got my hands on one of the Avengers shirts being given out at New York Comic Con, I thought they were just shirts that said Avengers on them. Little did I know, each one had a different design on the back, one for each Avenger. Apparently the one given out on Thursday was for Thor, which I was fine with, considering he is the only Avenger I don't own in Toki Doki form :). Head to Ebay for character shirts for Hawkeye, Black Widow, Iron Man and Hulk...though suspiciously none for Cap or Thor.

Bioshock Sticker
I bought a round of these at NYCC last year and was THRILLED to see the booth back again in 2011, so I could buy even more. Simple, to the point, and a must own for any Bioshock fan. Get one for yourself from the Sanshee website.

Game of Thrones/Community/Lost Character Cards
Yehudi Mercado made a splash on the internets this summer when he created prints of Muppets as Game of Thrones characters. At his NYCC booth, where he was selling his graphic novel Buffalo Speedway, he was offering a deal - buy a graphic novel, and get a set of these cards. I couldn't resist. I bought a graphic novel and walked away with my very own set. You can buy a book/get the cards by heading to Mercardo's website. Not into Game of Thrones? You can choose sets from Community or Lost instead if you're so inclined.

Captain America Martini Glasses
One of our favorite booths on the entire floor was called simply "Fangirls" and all of their items are decoupaged with classic comics. Jewelery, furniture, household goods, headbands, really anything you could think of was plastered with reminders of the golden age. But our favorite items were these martini glasses, sold as a set for $15. They marked one of our first purchases of the Con and remained one of our best decisions of the entire weekend.

The Stan
I mean, I'd never wear it, but it's pretty genius. From the folks over at Thwipster, a Groupon-like site focusing on items for the Geek.

For more fun items on the floor, including the adorbz Geek Treats Bakery, plus cosplay and Tom Hiddleston ::swoon:: head to the All Things Fangirl flickr account.


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