Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Extreme Makeover Home Edition Celebrates 9th Season Premiere

Sunday night at a cathedral in downtown Los Angeles, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition celebrated the beginning of its ninth season with a party-meets-expo showcasing upwards of 60 brands, endless samples, food trucks, a dance floor, live music, a screening of the premiere episode, a raffle and more. Although a swag bag to hold all of the swag would have been nice, and I felt like I learned more about these brands than I did about the show, it was still a great evening. Any event that ends with me holding a giant bag of free coffee beans is an event that wins. Selection of photos below and even more can be found here.

More photos and highlights after the jump!

Activities included a photo booth, free makeovers, bike rides on the craziest bike I've ever seen, some sort of on the spot cellulite treatment, watching live art being created and free roses plus samples of wine, chocolate, coffee, sweets, sandwiches, food truck edibles, various kinds of water including Activate and an Alkalized option, beef jerkey, coconut water, dried fruit snacks, an acai spirit, Mama Chia, and more. My personal favorites were the chocolate infused wine and the antioxidant infused coffee. If things are infused with something, I will probably like it, is the conclusion I've drawn. Although food provided by Togos and Boston Market seemed to undercut the otherwise healthy tone of the evening, I was still mostly impressed with the brand selection. And although I've never seen the show, it was fascinating to see a giant cathedral full of people watching the new episode, discussing how much they love what the show does, excitedly meeting folks associated with the show and more. It seems to make a lot of people really happy, so even though it's not necessarily my bag, it was nice to see the effect is has on people for an evening.

Keep an eye out for a write-up of an extremely different kind of premiere party for a totally different kind of show from Eruditechick over in New York. Here's a clue: whiskey and a yacht were involved.


Castling said...

merci chocolates! nom nom nom!

twentysevenentertainment said...

They gave out swag bags to those that stayed until the end of the premiere. It had a full box of Merci chocolates, Aruba Aloe Lotion, and lots of other fun stuff...AND, I just found out I won a Gigaset phone!

LoquaciousMuse said...

They did?! omg!! I felt like I got plenty of free stuff, I just wish I had had a bag to hold it all in, haha. I got there at 7 since staying til midnight was just not possible for me. Congrats on the phone! What else was in the bag? Do you remember?

domeneck said...

what a great pictures, I lover the licor of the picture above, the flavor is amazing, also I like merci chocolates, they are addictive..


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Unknown said...
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