Monday, August 15, 2011

The Fabulous Adventures of Alan Swift!

Dear LA Fangirls (and boys): New York is not the only place to see good theater at recession prices! The hilariously imaginative folks at cARTel currently have a new production up, at the Hayworth Theatre, entitled The Fabulous Adventures of Alan Swift (...Or Journey to the Center of Queer). The play travels through time, space, and queerness...and that should be more than enough of a description to sell you on it! The show only has one weekend left so go buy your tickets here now for just $10 (or $15 at the door). And make sure you get to the theater early to enjoy the pre-show reception that includes a visual art gallery and live music.

The Fabulous Adventures of Alan Swift (...Or Journey to the Center of Queer)

A cARTel: Collaborative Arts LA production (in collaboration with Bob Baker Marionette Theater)
Written by: Matt Chester
Directed by: Jack Nicolaus
Assistant Directed by: Miles Marsico
Featuring: Daniel Halden, Justin Baker, Katie Smith, Nichole Elise, Phil Daddario, J. Steadman, BJ Allman, Perry Young, Laryn Stout, Laura Cheek, Christan Copeland

Hayworth Theatre
Corner of Wilshire and Carondolet

Friday, 8/19
Saturday, 8/20
Sunday, 8/21
all shows start @ 8pm (with a reception at 7:15pm)


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