Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top Eleven Part Deux: This Is Gonna Be REALLY Difficult

No pictures this week - computer's being cray cray. But here's my recap anyway!

I love the footage from last week. I love Casey. Last week's results episode ruled. Casey almost died. American Idol, I'm loving you right now. Please don't change that tonight. ROCK IT, CASEY AND PAUL! DOOOOO ITTTT!

Heather Morris is in the audience! Man, I wish I were on a Fox show so I could go be in the audience and make Paul date me.

I really wish tonight wasn't Elton John night. Lame.

Dominic Monaghan IS young Elton John.

Idol finally has a segment with EW and it's the year Dalton Ross takes over? Michael Slezak FTW!!

I'm ready for songs now.

Scotty McCreery - Country Comfort
He has a natural elegance. Okay. Sure. We'll go with that. The words "One Trick Pony" are used. I agree. WOAH. Scottie plays guitar. Clever girl. Good choice, country boy. Can't be a real country guy if you can't play guitar. Playing the grandma card, are we? As much as Scotty doesn't do it for me, he's hands down the best Country contestant since Carrie Underwood. Great job. Especially with that last note. He knows what the audience wants.
Steven - Something about boots and grandmas. Did it again.
J-Lo - He has amazing instincts about performing and what's right for him. Encourages him to keep grounded and stay right there. Never doubt himself.
Randy - Thought he was at his concert like he was already there, so comfortable, so in the zone. That song could be on his record. Very nicely done.

Does Scotty have a crush on Scar-Jo? Never gonna happen, kid.

Naima - I'm Still Standing
Reggae spin! Okay, I could be into this. Naimia seems to be one of the only ones coming up with her own arrangements. Which I definitely commend her for. Oh she is MADE for this genre. This sounds like it's always been reggae. Pretty badass if I do say so myself. Sounds better and gets more interesting every week. Kind of into it. I'm allowing people in the room to vote for her tonight.
J-Lo - Loves her and her reggae swag. Wasn't sure the song was suited to it, but loved the way she performed. Respects that she took it where she wanted to take it.
Randy - Came off kind of corny, and she isn't corny, she's cool. Didn't quite work for him.
Steven - Boomshakalaka, good for her for picking a song that fits her.

We TOTALLY disagree with the judges. Thought she nailed it. Whatevs. Having never heard the original, I thought that was right on.

My brother just told me Haley and Casey are dating!!! First time in Idol history, right? EPIC! Love it.

Paul - Rocket Man
PAUL! He's so sexy. His band covered this song years ago. DO I HAVE THE SAME SHIRT PAUL IS WEARING IN THE VIDEO? Loving this. Love love love. Best he has sounded yet. SO adorbz. I love him. No back up vocals. YAY!
Randy - Couple pitchy moments. (DISAGREE!) He's here, he's got this, go further, they believe.
Steven - Loves his voice. Always does a little something. When he starts hitting every note, he won't like him anymore, loves his character.
J-Lo - More to his voice that he knows, he just has to go there. Wants him to push push push, especially in the upper register.

DON'T SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT MY PAUL. I thought that was great. He makes me giggly and happy.

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Pia - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
Another ballad! Who woulda thunk. Fergie meets Axel Rose? Okay, let's see where this goes. I do look forward to Pia when she isn't singing a shitty song. This should be good. And yes, it is. Except whose son? This song is really inappropriate. I can't stop laughing.
Steven - Did it again. That's what she is, she nailed it. Made him cry inside (which is a good thing).
J-Lo - The notes take us to an other worldly place. Felt her more than she has before, feel her trying to break the barrier. She's on the right track. Goosebumps.
Randy - She's sung a ballad every time and she slays it every time. Just wants her to switch up gears a little bit. Everyone knows she can sing and she was great once again.

Stefano - Tiny Dancer
Oh, he looks goooood. Cutie. Great choice. Great song. If he fucks it up, he's going home. If he nails it...oh man, could it be good. Here we go! Questionable...Who was in charge of his hair during the performance though? Bad choice. The song is bigger than him. Doesn't really suit his voice even though he is singing it well. The whole thing is kind of awkward. As much as I like him and as great as his voice is. J-Lo IS a tiny (ish) dancer, haha, nice one, Stefano.
J-Lo - She could really feel him taking their notes and trying to connect with the audience. Felt like he moved the crowd. Started off eh, but then he got back to Stefano they know and love. Really good.
Randy - Loved that he started connecting with the audience. Could tell it's unusual for him. Liked that he was moving around the stage. When he hit the high, money notes, he was right on.
Steven - Real sweet, crazy thing to his voice. Connected with the audience, nailed it, was really good.

Me and the judges are NOT agreeing tonight, it seems.

Lauren - Candle In The Wind
So adorbz. Good choice. FINALLY a ballad from Lauren. I hope it just stays her and the piano. Oh. There is the rest of the backing music and vocals. Damnit. Would have been so much better just her and the piano. Arrrrgh. Suddenly her gorgeous voice is drowned out yet again. But it's so pretty when we can hear it. Good job, Lauren.
Randy - One of the greatest Lauren Alaina songs on that stage. Nice, sensitive, very pro. Can do anything, just believe, very hot.
Steven - Loved her from the first moment she laid eyes on him. Perfect, beautiful, right song. Keep singing like that and she'll be able to afford the rest of that dress.
J-Lo - Amazing, she was gorgeous, sounded gorgeous, first time everyone in America got to hear what they heard when they first saw her. That was it. Beautiful.

James - Saturday Night's All Right
Good song choice. James can have all the backing vocals and music he wants, I don't care. He doesn't do it for me. Great job, I just don't really care.
Steven - Great rock voice. Beautiful.
J-Lo - She forgets it's a competition when he is up there. Really full performance.
Randy - Loves that he enjoys himself. Great performance.

Thia - Daniel
I don't want Thia to do a good job because then I don't know who is going to home, AUGH. Unfortunately, she sounds kind of awesome. I still think she is one of the weakest of the group overall. Let's just send her over to the Disney channel already. Damn. Really solid.
J-Lo - Really beautiful. Internalized the song, very well suited for her voice. Beautiful moment for her.
Randy - Liked that it was a relaxed side of her so people could hear her beautiful voice. Couple pitch issues. Didn't like that it was so safe. Interesting.
Steven - When you find the right song, the voice appears. Sang a great Elton John song well.

Wait, her brother is named Quia? Quia and Thia Megia?! Update: Ah hah! Kuya is Filipino for older brother. I'm an idiot.

Casey - Your Song
OH GOD DONT FUCK IT UP AHHHHHHH. One of my all time favorite songs. Oh god oh god. We wonder if this means Haley is singing Bennie and the Jets and giggle. USE AN INSTRUMENT, CASEY. Casey is hilarious, I love him. I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT I LOVED IT IT WAS AMAZING I AM OBSESSED WITH THAT. CASEY AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! IF THE JUDGES DON'T LIKE IT I AM GONNA BEAT THEM UP WITH MY MIND!
Randy - Saving him was one of the greatest saves ever. That performance was absolutely brilliant. So nice, so tender, nice choice, well done, heard his voice but it was still Casey. Impressed with the major second of the last note.
Steven - One of the finest moments on the show was putting him throw. Beautiful notes, especially the last two. Sings different every time, love that about it, shows a true artist.
J-Lo - One decision she didn't lose one ounce of sleep over was saving him. And he proved them right tonight with the character in his voice and his choices with the song. Very Casey.


Jacob - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Mary J and Jacob meet! Looools. Boy can sing. That's for damn sure. That last note was killer and he connected to it like crazy. One of those contestants that is great, simply not my personal favorite.
Steven - Loved the whole thing.
J-Lo - Shout out to Tricky Stewart for the arrangement. Beautiful. Made it his own. Don't see that last note every day.
Randy - First half was brilliant. Wants one spot where he goes all the way up in every song. Where he goes "yo, this is my Jacob spot."

Haley - Bennie and the Jets
YES! BENNIE! Called it. I hope she and Casey are really dating. Seemed obvious she had a crush on him. Haley just said "hard core bangage." Lols. Ohmygod LOVES IT. Her voice is crazy pants. Ohmygod, Haley rules. I want her and Casey to do a duet. I bet they do duets together while they are daaaaating. HER VOICE RULES. Hands down her best performance.
J-Lo - That was it! That's what they were talking about. It all came together. Amazing.
Randy - Amazing song and for him, best performance of the night! Gave it up, deserves it.
Steven - She sings sexy.

Top Three: Haley, Casey, Pia (I guess. Re: Pia. Muh.)
Bottom Three: Stefano, Thia, Jacob?
Going Home: Thia, Naima. Maybe Stefano. BETTER NOT BE PAUL. Possibly Jacob.
My questionable order:


Anonymous said...

Your Song is a very special song to me... was my engagement song before my fiance died. I thought it was butchered on Idol tonight. I pretty much agree with you on the rest.