Thursday, March 12, 2009

To Blu-Ray or not to Blu-Ray? [Halp!]

I've reached a dilemma.

About 10 movies have come out in the past 3 weeks alone that I want to buy to add to my collection. A collection I'm rather proud of, by the way. But here's the thing. 10 DVDs...that's a lot of money to spend...and david brought up a good point - why spend money on DVDs when Blu-Ray is the future and I'll eventually have to re-buy them all anyway? But Blu-Rays are so damn expensive, I didn't want to change over yet. Then I have to spend extra for every single movie I want!

So here's the question.

Do I stop buying DVDs? Do I cease to buy any movies until I have a Blu-Ray player? Or do I stave off switching to Blu-Ray for as long as I possibly can? After all, if I ever get a console of my very own (both david, the roommate, and my dad have a PS3, Wii and Xbox360, but I only have a lowly PS2) I would want it to be an Xbox360, not a PS3.

So what do I do? I needs some advice! Blu-Ray now/soon or avoid for as long as possible? HALP!


david said...

dude, at kims and on amazon blu-rays are no more expensive than new dvds, and warners just permanently discounted a bunch of their blu-rays to 16 bucks... and a ps3 isn't only a killer system with more good games than xbox (yeah, i said it... even if the online isn't as good) but it's the BEST blu-ray player. and you like movies more than you like games. and blu-rays... WOW. JUST DO IT.