Friday, March 20, 2009

Get Your Final Battlestar Fix Before It All Comes To An End [Round-Up]

In honor of Battlestar Galactica coming to a close tonight, here a whole bunch of links to some Battlestar delight from all over the net.

At the AV Club we have Remember That Thing?: All the forgotten Battlestar Galactica factoids you need to enjoy the finale, maybe. Here you can find a bunch of handy dandy reminders of facts we may have forgotten in the six years since the mini-series first ended. Don't know how much any of these will play into the finale, but it definitely made me realize I have forgotten quite a bit of BSG's smaller plot points.

At Io9, we have 12 Plotholes That Must Be Filled in the Battlestar Finale. They bring some really important questions, some of which we may have even forgotten about. These include, but are not limited to:
- What exactly is the Cylons' plan?
- What is Starbuck?
- Where do Baltar's loyalties actually lie?
- Why do Cylons have to be in love in order to reproduce?

I'd like to add to that with a few questions of my own
- What's the deal with the opera house/Roslin's visions/the prophecies?
- What is Daniel's link to anything? (Unfortunately we know the answer to that one...)
- Where do Boomer's loyalties actually lie?
- Who is Starbuck's soulmate? She's had so many people in love/infatuated/sleep with her, I feel like the answers's gotta somewhat factor into a finale
- It's all happened before and it will all happen again - will we see this played out?

Do I think we'll get answers to all of these questions? Of course not. But it would be nice to get some.

Next up, from The TV Addict The Battlestar Galactica Death Pool. Submit who you think is gonna die and win a big Battlestar Prize Package!!! Similar contest going on at Battlestar Wiki

From The Film Experience Blog, Hump Day Hottie - Battlestar's Beefcake, featuring all the beautiful men from BSG being beautiful...I like this picture in particular...

From the Battlestar Wiki, the BSG Frak Map, detailing who has slept with who. I love this kind of stuff. Roslin fraked Adar? Who is Adar? Did we know she fraked the president? Who is Shevon again? I don't like it when Lee sleeps with anyone but Kara. Speaking of Kara, she slept with Leoben? When? Starbuck's a ho. I love her.

And finally, all of All Things Fangirl's Battlestar posts. We've only existed since November, but we love our Battlestar, so we've posted plenty. We've got posts on merchandise, events, episodes, webisodes, auction, videos, BSG humor and more.

I leave you now with two of our videos from NYCC 2008 featuring three of the final five.

Michael Hogan/Rekha Sharma on finding on they were Cylons

Michael Trucco on finding out he was a Cylon

On a personal note, it really hit me earlier that one of my favorite shows of all time is coming to an end tonight and it made me really sad. I discovered Battlestar on DVD in 2005, subsequently became obsessed and never looked back. I introduced the show to just about all of my friends & my boyfriend who also subsequently became obsessed with it :). I'm happy that so many people, people who don't even consider themselves Sci Fi fans have discovered the show and love it as much as I do. I've always identified with Starbuck and she remains one of my favorite female characters of all time. Though david disagrees with me on that one. I'm so happy I'm hopefully going to the Paley Center BSG/Caprica panel in April so I can properly say goodbye to the show I love so much. I'm also thrilled that I have my BSG toaster, my Lee/Kara minimates, my Starbuck art print, my "I'm the Final Cylon" necklace, my limited edition BSG sketched cover comic book, my BSG shirt, my BSG pins and more. It's been an amazing four years (six years for others) of geeking out to this show and tracking down random merchandise. And it'll all be over in six hours. :(

Hope you all enjoy the episode tonight and get to watch with fellow fans!

So say we all!

Some links that have popped up since I first posted this Round Up:
Think Hero
EW's Recap of last week's episode featuring this bit that I love: "And I loved the silent act of drawing the proverbial line in the sand. Rather, a red line on the deck. A rose line. Roslin. (It all comes around, doesn't it?)"


ErinLaurel said...

Regarding the frak map (which is awesome):
- I think Adar was the old president back on Caprica? Maybe?
- Shevon was Lee's prostitute girlfriend on the civilian ship (she had a kid) that he kept visiting.
- As far as Kara and Leoben go, I'm not sure. I remember her dream (with the paint) but that doesn't count. Did they sleep together on the crappy little ship that Adama gave her to go looking for Earth??

And I really can't believe it's ending tonight either. So sad. I discovered it late in the game (this is the first season that I'm not watching on DVD) and now that I'm completely obsessed, it's ending. :(

LoquaciousMuse said...

omg ps this is amazing

BAMBER: Eddie [Olmos] is like no actor I've ever met before. The machismo oozed out of him, conviction from every pore. The day we met, we were in a make-up trailer. He sat down, looked at me, and said, ''How are we going to play father and son?'' I was terrified. ''Um, I dunno. We'll get called the same surname. How 'bout that?'' He said, ''You ever wear [contact] lenses before?'' I said, ''No.'' He said, ''I'll wear the [blue] lenses; you dye your hair [dark].'' He was pretty intimidating.

LoquaciousMuse said...

holy crap

Olmos earned his reputation for ad-libbing — and solidified his position as a leader off-camera — while shooting his climactic speech to the Galactica crew, scripted to come after a priest delivers a eulogy for the fallen that ends with ''So say we all'' and the cast solemnly repeats it back. Olmos decided he wasn't satisfied with their response.
MICHAEL HOGAN (Col. Saul Tigh): He says, ''So say we all,'' and everybody says ''So say we all.'' And he says it again, and we say, ''So say we all.'' He walked around the room, looking at people, saying ''So! Say! We all!'' Eddie had everybody shouting back at him and feeling ''So say we all!'' That wasn't scripted. It sent shivers up my spine.
RYMER: Eddie played it with enormous aggression, almost a desperate intensity. It took us all off guard. At the end of the first take, the cast and extras broke into cheers.

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