Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Importance of Ozymandias' Nipples [Wondercon 09]

Finally saw Watchmen Friday night at Wondercon in IMAX.

Before I get into my thoughts in a separate post, here are some bits & pieces from Saturday's Wondercon panel & some exclusive photos.

-July Director's Cut theatrical release (if does well in theaters now) will be 3 hours 10 minutes. Will feature Hollis Mason's death, "a lot more naked blueness" and more

-With Black Freighter intercut, movie will run 3 hours 30 minutes

-Shoot was 106 days long & obviously pretty grueling

-Patrick Wilson (heart) referred to a Batman in line asking a question as his "brother from another mother." Too true, Patrick. Too true.

-In approaching the Ozy costume, Zach wanted to "butch it up", but thought the "nipples kept the spirit" of the original outfit

-Malin Ackerman was "scared shitless" but thrilled that Zack put his faith in her. The hardest part for her was learning to fight. Especially in those heels.

-Jeffrey Dean Morgan is hilarious and wonderful. Someone asked if there was a scene any of them in particular was dreading or looking forward to, to which Morgan joked "Love the rape scene. I simply couldn't get to that fast enough."

-Jackie Earle Haley sent in a homemade audition tape. Inspiration to actors everywhere!!

-Patrick Wilson loves Dan and got teary eyed watching the first scene Rorschach & Dan have together at the Wondercon panel

Cast Introductions - who do you think gets the most applause?

For more on Watchmen scoop from Wondercon, head on over to Io9. We have our review coming up as well as some giveaways and maybe a special surprise...stay tuned.

And for more exclusive photos from the panel head here, to our Flickr page.