Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Nicolas Cage Movie Plot Generator [Silly Fun aka BRILLIANCE?!]

The Cracked website just made me so happy.

They wrote this,

1. Nicolas Cage is an Oscar winning Hollywood movie star who abruptly quit acting at the height of his abilities.

2. He has starred in dozens of films since that time.

3. Cage is one of the youngest actors ever to enter the "Seriously, I Don't Give a Shit" stage of his career. And while actors like Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro have perfected the art of phoning-in a performance, nobody has quite matched Cage's ability to make us wonder if he's fucking with us.

4. Post giving a shit, Cage films are plotted in much the way burritos are ordered at Chipotle. By choosing different combinations from a small, fixed menu, Cage has been able to release an endless variety of barely different films.

Then posted this (click to enlarge),

Times like these call for THIS classic video!!!

Hat Tip: Worst Previews


Brendan M. Leonard said...

Con Air is Nic Cage doing Elvis doing a Bruckheimer movie. It is probably the single greatest action movie made since Die Hard that does not have the word "Bourne" in the title. That and Bad Boys II.

Just saying.