Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Peak at Harry Potter Land!

Oh how I love getting these emails! Even when I forget to post the contents for over a week...

Anyhoo, Harry Potter Land or excuse me, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter aka where my savings is going on 2010 (24 WILL BE THE NEW 7 BY THEN, OKAY?! Oh god did I just say out loud that I will be 24 one day? Terror.) has released another bit of concept art, this time for Dervish & Banges, the Hogsmeade store where Hogwarts students pick up their supplies for school, Quidditch and anything Wizard. Here it is!

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy everything in that store. Must save up more moneys than I thought! OMG I hope so bad they have a way of actually sorting you with a sorting hat based on some sort of accurate test and then we get like, a free badge for that house and spend the whole day buying things for our house and for our classes and for EVERYTHING EVER AND AHHHHH I WANNA BE THERE NOW.

For more WWHP concept art, head here and I'll be sure to post anything new as soon as I get it!