Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Solider

Francois Alaux, alpha director (Of Logorama)

Harry Humphries tech advisor on alpha (Working on transformers 3)

Adrian Lacey ubisoft studio producer

Trent opaloch alpha director of photography

Moderator geoff keighley spike TV host

Alpha: Live action movie

The creators expressed that they wanted to create separate story from the game. There is a cross over between the two stories. But that they wanted to give Francois the creative liberty to develop the idea for this specific media. – (Loose quote from Adrian Lace)

When asked why the name “Alpha”, Lacey responded: we wanted to give different perspective as to how these guys work. They have code names. They don’t exist. They won’t be winning awards, They won’t be thanked. The term Alpha just screams military. And that’s exactly what these guys are. Humphries later says: “We’re not saying we’re British, We’re not saying we American, We’re not saying we’re German. We’re saying we’re soldiers.”

  • Big objective was to drop the viewer into the world of the ghost. If there was a 2 man unit moving in. the camera/audience was from the vantage point of as if there was a 3rd member of that unit.
  • You will see invisible cloaks, drones, EMPs etc from the game in the movie.
  • Humphries explains that a lot of the technology in this film has already been prototyped, and isn’t that far off from full development. Ex nano technology (the base technology for cloaking) and exoskeletons. These prototypes are currently being explored by the government.
  • Humphries explains the need to make sure this film was authentic. He took 2 weeks to have a concentrated training session with the actors working through and curving out details as to how to create the look of an experienced solider.
  • What is this movie about? –
    • War happens for political reason. Whether ego, or money. Eventually it gets down to fighting. But it’s not always clear-cut. Something that happens in Southern Africa could affect Austria. These guys go in there and break that chain. That’s what the focus of this movie is about.
  • You will see actors from the film in the game.
  • The concept of quiet is inbred. If you’re on a team like this you are probably one of 2, 3 or 4. But surrounded by 200 or so. The attention to detail of the non-verbal communication in this film was very important. “We’ve learned from this experience and will take this into the game” - Lacey
  • When asked by a fan, giving the history of really bad live action movies based on video games, what about this movie will pull us in, and satisfy us?
    • Lacey responded: It’s a team thing. We have great writer, great film people. The crew just had so much experience. They were amazing. And just high quality. The team had so much experience. It’s like a video game, if you’ve got the right team you’ve got a chance. Nothing is ever a guarantee but you’ve got a shot…we’ve gone full out to try and give the fans and the player what they would like”
  • Shot on a 35mil
  • Distribution of this film is still being worked out.
  • Game: Comes out 2011