Friday, July 23, 2010

Quotable Red [Comic-Con 2010]

One of our helper reporters stepped in and took some notes on the Red panel, featuring Warren Ellis, Cully Hamner, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Karl Urban, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren & Bruce Willis. The movie comes out on October 15th. Some quotes below!

Bruce "Every day was fun" on filming with this cast.
"Every week we got another big movie star who came in that we were all excited about."

Helen "They had the Queen, and then they had God" (talking about Morgan)
"You always want something that's going to kick your last role out of the water."
"Nice to find a new audience."

Karl "I haven't had so much fun in years. It's not often you get to pick up one of the most iconic action heros in years, and throw him across the room and watch him smash into a bunch of furniture"

"All my expectations were exceeded by what a wonderful man he actually was" (on working with Bruce)

Mary-Louise "Usually Bruce is just dragging me" (on working in action as opposed to comedy)

"The film will be different than the book, the tone is a lot broader"-Cully Hammer

Surprise for the cast as well as audience, world premiere of the new trailer.

New trailer fucking awesome. After being called an old man, John Malkovich shoots down a missile with a bullet then says "Old man my ass".

Bruce says it was hard to keep a straight face while working on this. Tons of comedy.

Bruce compares working on this to "recess" for the second time on the panel.
Bruce is speechless when asked about "Being John Malkovich"...he says "John Malkovich is..." and that's it.

Mary "We both thought that as soon as they saw us run that they would fire us"
They couldn't run with a straight face.
"Alec Baldwin told me just look like you always have to pee, and it'll look like you're in constant dangerous."

Bruce and the cast became giddy to work with Dreyfuss . They nicknamed him "Jaws".

Helen "He was our leader, and so incredibly welcoming...we all bonded through Bruce".

"You never write a graphic novel thinking that it will become a movie, unless you're like Mark Millar"--the writer

Helen "I was really intimidated...I was shit-scared really" "It was easier than I thought it would be"

RED--Retired Extremely Dangerous.