Thursday, July 22, 2010

CAPCON 2010 and Beyond

Soooooo....Capcon wanted squeezed as much as they could in this panel. So each game wasn't really giving much time to go into great detail. Just enough to wet the appetite. Here's what I got out of it....

Dead rising 2!

  • Set in Fortune City
  • Sept 28th for XBOX 360 and PS3

Basara Samurai Heroes

  • Oct 12th

Bionic Commando ReArmed2…

  • more weapons
  • same team working on music
  • xbox live arcade and PS network in early 2010

Okami Den on the DS

  • touch screen provides a more intuitive drawing experience
  • you and your partner help each other restore beauty to the world
  • new puzzle solving elements
  • attack enemies w/ an artistic flourish
  • available early 2011

Ghost trick: phantom detective

  • From the creator of the :Ace attorney” series, SHu Takumi
  • Mysterious Storyline
  • Quirky characters with the Ace Attorney style.
  • Solve puzzles with the powers of the Ghost World
  • Comes out in the Winter for the DS

Marvel VS Capcon 3: Fate of Two Worlds

  • 360 & PS3 in 2011

Mega Man Universe:

  • Rumor has it there’s talk of Legends 3