Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stan's back, kicking off Comic Con '10!

Hey all, Chantaal (@strongpieces & Girls Read Comics Too) here helping out as an extra correspondent/fangirl for Comic Con 2010! I'll be covering all kinds of various things over the next four days, but the biggest of which had to be today's press conference with Stan Lee, unveiling new characters and creative teams for his new comics with Boom! Studios.

First, I just have to say one thing: Stan is absolutely amazing in person. He's a charmer, and were I not completely in love with him before today, I would have fallen in love all over again. Alas, I didn't get to take a picture with him before people were moving him away, but I got to stand less than five feet from him and bask in his presence.

Stan and Boom! Studios will be releasing three new series at the end of this year:

Soldier Zero
, written by Paul Cornell with art by Javier Pina, debuts in October. It involves the story of a wheelchair-bound man who suddenly finds himself bonded with an alien weapon of war. Most interesting was Paul Cornell describing how much respect went into research for this, specifically when it came to writing about the paraplegic.

The Traveler, written Mark Waid with art by Chad Hardin, debuts in November. It involves a time traveling super hero who tries to save the past from a band of evil assassins from the future.

Starborn, written Chris Roberson with art by Khary Randolph, debuts in December. It involves a man finding himself the heir to an intergalactic empire, which leads to all sorts of delicious socio-political intrigue in space. Stan himself says it "makes Star Wars look like a quickie!"

Knowing Stan and the talent Boom! has assembled, these are bound to be exciting new additions to the world of comics.

Some more highlights from preview night:

Between this and the Scott Pilgrim experience going on all four days across the street from the con, looks like SP will be taking the cake for best exposure.

Light cycle! Even more orgasmic in person. (And I'll be covering Tron tomorrow, so look out for that!)


(Concept art for the Thor video game!)

And last but not least, Bryan Lee O'Malley standing not five feet from us as we bought Scott Pilgrim Vol. 6. And a poster. And sweet wristbands.

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