Sunday, July 18, 2010

Non WB Comic-Con Bags?!?!!

Not that I watch these shows with any kind of regularity, but these bags are kind of genius. You can get em by attending the Antiheroes of Showtime panel in Ballroom 20 from 4:45-5:45. What's it opposite? Composing for Sci-fi TV/Movie, The Expendables, and Adult Swim's Children's Hospital. So yes, I will be making an appearance in Ballroom 20 and nabbing one of these bags, methinks. You got, me Showtime. I don't watch your shows and I wanna go to your panel.



Dana said...

I don't understand why I didn't get my 2010 pass at last year's comic con. I want that Dexter bag.

Anonymous said...

These look great. I want to attend next year's Comic-Con but I probably won't make it until 2011