Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturday Wrap Up [Comic-Con 2010]

Thank god for Coconut Water or this would have been a very hungover Comic-Con.

Woke up Saturday somehow early enough to get into Hall H to save a row behind the reserved section in anticipation of the Marvel panel. We encountered one too many Marvel professionals & co who didn't have seats, so we elected to give ours away. This meant saving non-reserved seats all day, yes, but it also meant being in the room during the now infamous Hall H pen-stabbing incident, so I guess it all works out. Here's how the day went.

- Warner Brothers: Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Sucker Punch. Ryan Reynolds + tiny Green Lantern fan = one of my favorite Hall H moments of the entire convention (video below). My favorite part is the kid's face after Reynolds performs the GL Oath. What this video neglects to show is how Reynolds then signs a Green Lantern comic for the kid. Classic.

The extended Harry Potter footage was fanfuckingtastic and I'm not alone when I say it brought me to full-sob. Plus Tom Felton was absolutely delightful in his first Comic-Con appearance. The Sucker Punch footage was also phenomenal, but in an entirely different way. Original, incomprehensible, gorgeous, badass, genre-blending, sexy and more fun adjectives, Sucker Punch even made Vanessa Hudgens look like she doesn't suck at life. Head here to watch the first trailer, a mere abbreviation of what we were lucky enough to see.

- M Night? Your career is over. The Let Me In panel was slightly delayed, resulting in a few trailers being shown. One of these trailers was Devil, produced by M Night Shamaylan, who I care so little about, I'm not even looking up how to spell his name. The audience seemed interested enough until M Night's name showed up at the end of the trailer. Cue chorus of 6500 people booing their faces off. Yikes.

- Let Me In panel. While Matt Reeves is a little long winded, everything he said was interesting and hopefully reassured those in the audience that were worried about this remake. They showed two clips that really demonstrated the tone of the film and quality of acting from its two mini-stars, Kodi Smitt McPhee and Chloe Moretz. Wonderful moderating job by Drew McWeeny, as always!

- Fringe. Took off after Let Me In to check out the Fringe panel, only to discover it was delayed about 10 minutes or so, thus resulting in only getting to see about 20 minutes of the panel before heading back to Hall H. What we did was great! One day I'll get to watch an entire ballroom 20 panel like I used to. You just wait.

- Resident Evil. I'm not a Resident Evil fan, but I actually liked the 3D footage...apparently no one else did except the hardcore pre-existing fans. Not sure why, it seemed fun enough. Just a grudge against the series or something? You tell me.

- Stabbing. Sooo, all of a sudden, before the Universal panel, we hear the Hall H god mic tell us not to look at the incident behind naturally the entire Hall H stands up and looks. Rumors start running rampant about what is actually happening, so we take to Twitter to try and discover the truth. We all know this story by now and I just hope what went down has no bearing on anything ever. Some douche scratched a guy next to the eye with a pen, the dude bled, the guy was arrested, everything is fine. Fans are generally a peaceful people and one incident in 40 years does not a metal detector warrant. By Kevin Smith's panel, the incident was already fodder, as his panel featured Eye-Stab cosplay (also seen on the floor the next day) and some hilarious one liners from Smith himself on the subject, including one about Thor v Odin (Odin has one eye), but as I missed the panel, :(, I couldn't tell you exactly what was said.

- Universal: Cowboys vs. Aliens & Paul. Both had great, energetic cast members & fantastic footage. Harrison Ford came on stage to one of the biggest, loudest standing ovations I've ever heard at Comic-Con. I cannot wait for both of these movies.

- The Avengers. The rumors were true. They were all there. Including their fearless leader, Joss Whedon, who admitted to needing our support. And boy did we give it to him. The only black spot on the panel was the Hulk controversy, including a terrified looking Mark Ruffalo, but once everyone calms down, I'm sure things will work out. I personally think he's a great choice. I was a fan of both the Captain America & Thor footage. My favorite moments from each panel included Hugo Weaving citing Werner Herzog's accent as an inspiration for his Red Skull, and Natalie Portman telling Bob Stencil he wins and blowing him a kiss.

- EW/Syfy Party. Won't go into too much detail about this one. Inception tops were handed out, drinks were drank, Lobster BLTs were consumed, candy bags were made, EW ice cream sandwiches were taken home and some priceless conversations were had. I always love this party and it probably would have taken the cake as my favorite bash for the third year in a row if any of my friends could have come with me this year. Next year in Jerusalem, folks.