Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So THAT'S What This Pacey-Con Business Was About

Okay, so during the convention, I kept hearing people say bizarre things like "Did you hear about Pacey-Con across the street?" "People are actually like, celebrating Dawson's Creek." and so on and so forth. I also saw a photo of people on the lawn across from the Convention Center holding up a Pacey-Con sign. I figured, okay, this is like, people being ironic or weird or funny, right? Could this possibly be real?

Then I saw this video and laughed my face off. Thank you, Funny or Die.


Eleni said...

Hahahaha. I <3 Joshua Jackson.

Castling said...

WHY AM I SEEING THIS JUST NOW?! I really really want to go to Pacey-Con next year. Please take me.