Thursday, July 22, 2010

Star Wars: The Forced Unleashed 2

This story takes place between Ep3 and Ep4. 3rd person action adventure. If you haven’t played the 1st game no worries. Haden Blackman assured us there would be enough exposition to catch us up on the main character: Star Killer.

In this game Lucas arts focused on smaller but better. “Instead of 100 enemies” says Blackman, “there maybe 25. But those 25 are done really well with as little bugs as possible.”

Cool new moves to expect:

  • Double light saber- Both of which can be thrown as an attack.
  • Force furry mode- Your standard energy bar that once filled will allow Star Killer to access a level of power unobtainable via power ups/up grades.
  • Mind trick- yes Mind tricks!!! You get to use your mind tricks to convince Jedi that they should attack each other….or jump out a window….or off a bridge. It’s pretty cool to see.


  • More AI unites in this game- So no more of the same, over and over and over.
    • I.e.- the Carbonite war droid. This droid encourages you to attack from a distance using alternate attacks. If you strand still to long this droid will freeeeeeeze you!
  • Lots of environment interaction! You can pick up/throw/use just about anything. As well as use the environment against your enemies.
  • You can upgrade your weapons, clothes, and attacks.
  • You will be able to break out of combos making it easier to avoid juggling. THOUGH we’ve been assured juggling no longer exists in this game.We shall see Blackman...we shall see!
  • Wii version has 4 player mode. (He didn't confirm nor deny other consoles having the same.)
  • This game features more story moments. But don’t fret there are plenty of action packed goody goodness.
    • I.e. Run for your life moments- It’s pretty self explanatory. There are points in the game when you just need to keep moving in order to survive. Attacking ships, Jedi, droids you name it. They are all coming at you but you can’t let it get in your way! Just keep moving!

BOBA FETT plays a small but pivotal roll! More special appearances will be announced as the release date approaches.

OCT 26st for the XBOX360, PS3, Wii, PC, and PSP