Friday, July 23, 2010

More on Walking Dead!

I was in the room before Muse got in there, so here are some more points from the start of the panel that she missed:

- Gale Anne Hurd called Walking Dead the "seminal contemporary series of our time," and said she and AMC go for the best when looking for new projects.

- They like to include input from Walking Dead writer Robert Kirkman as much as possible, and he's even written episode 4 of the first season.

- Walking Dead will premiere as part of AMC's Fear Fest this October, and will receive a massive worldwide launch in 250 million homes and 30 different languages across the globe.

- Greg Nicotero did his best to try to make the makeup seem different from most zombie films, and similar to Charlie Adlard's art. Adlard even has a cameo in the series as a zombie.

- All the zombies went to a 3 day zombie school, where they learned to walk and act in different zombie-like ways.

- They'll do their best to stick to the comics as much as possible, but also have some moments that will come as surprises. Fans of the series will find something new amongst the moments we already know from the comics.

Like Muse said, the Walking Dead footage was AMAZING. Andrew Lincoln (fangirl sigh) is a fantastic Rick, the zombies look amazing, and the tone is so, so creepy and accurate. I seriously got a bit freaked out while watching, and this was the TAME footage for Comic Con! October can't come soon enough.

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