Friday, July 23, 2010

Marvel Interactive: Marvel Video Games

Spider-man Shattered Dimensions:

Chris Baker, Manager Licensed games

Todd “TQ” Jefferson, Dir of games. TQ: Works w/ publisher/developers to develop games from concept to code release.

Thomas Wilson, creative Dir. Beenox

Dan Slott, Writer

· Sept 7th. Available for pre-order now.

· Publisher: Activision; Developer: Beenox Studios; 3rd person, Action Adventure; MSRP is still pending

· The tablet of order adn chaos shattered, and it's peices traveled into 4 different worlds/demintions. This game brings 4 distinctly different words together: Spider man War, 2099

· Voice casting: Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Keaton, Christopher Daniel Barnes and Dan Gilvezan and the narrator will be Stan Lee!!!!

· FYI: Harris did the voice for Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Keaton had the role in The Spectacular Spider-Man, Barnes in Spider-Man animated series and Gilvezan in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

· 13 villians! Juggernaut

· Unlockable costumes : cosmic spider-man only if u pre-oder thru game stop; iron spider when you pre-order w/; Scarlet Spider, Negative Zone, Spider-Armor, Mangaverse...more to come

· Will be available on the Xbox360, PS3, Wii & DS

Super Hero Squad the Infinity Gauntlet

Jason Gholston, Producer

Mark Hoffmeier, Writer

  • Coming in November 2010
  • Publisher: THQ
  • 35 Character; 13 of which are playable.
  • Game creators worked closely w/ the animator from the Animated Series on Cartoon Network to ensure character continuity.

Super Hero Squad Online

Jason Robar VP/GM of Studio The Amazing Society

  • 1 cool game feature is that everyone gets a customizable head quarters.
  • You have the ability to build your own squad.
  • Each super hero has their own personality.
  • Player VS Player
  • 1st online version of the living Marvel Universe.
  • Primarily targeted to kids, but it’s a game for all those passionate about Marvel.
  • Coming 2011

Marvel VS Capcom: Fate of Two Worlds

Seth Killian Special Advisor Capcom

  • Dr. Doom, Super Skrull, Thor, Dead Pool are in the game .
  • 3 on 3 fighting game; close to 1 million different combinations! You can have all 3 characters on screen at the same time!
  • In this version the animation, call outs, & fighting poses invoke the comics more so than MVC2.
  • Frank T is going to help write it.
  • Every character has a custom ending.So you get a tiny bit of story after you beat the game.
  • There will be special edition joy sticks related to MVC3
  • 2D game play w/ a 3D perspective.

This game looks like a living comic book. MVC2 has held our attention for the past 10 years. I was a bit skeptical that they’d be able to top the last one…I have been proven wrong!!

Thor: The Video Game

Summer of 2011

  • Liquid Entertainment; Sega
  • Summer of 2011
  • There are worlds in the game that won’t be present in the movie.
They pretty much just teased us about this game. Very little/no information was shared. :(