Monday, July 26, 2010

Friday Wrap Up [Comic-Con 2010]

Didn't have time to actually write anything up Friday night, so I am now attempting to remember anything that happened that day. I can't even remember how Scott Pilgrim ended, so, good luck self.

- Walking Dead Panel. Got into the room just in time to see them reveal the first footage from the pilot. It was PACKED. And there we so many people outside who didn't make it in, it was astounding. Check out our write ups here and here.

- Barenaked Ladies perform the Big Bang Theory theme song. In passing from the 6quad room w/ Walking Dead, over to Hall H to catch what I could of Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, I passed through Ballroom 20 just in time to catch the Barenaked Ladies come on stage and lead the audience in a theme song singalong. The cheering was so loud, it instantly gave me a headache. Impressive, BBT fans. Impressive. Wish I could have stayed for the entire panel!

- Joss' Ballroom 20 Talk. He only got 45 minutes, which broke everyone's hearts, but the 20 minutes I got to catch of it were fantastic, as always. Featured a surprise appearance by Nathan Fillion, who asked a question in disguise, then revealed himself, set to thousands of fan squees. I started the camera rolling right after that happened and caught this nice moment:

- Passed through the B20 greenroom just in time to see Anna Torv again, who I kept seeing over and over everywhere I turned at the convention, each time in a different, gorgeous outfit. I sense a girl-crush forming.

- Ran back and forth between the Falling Skies panel & the Girls Gone Genre panel. FYI - Noah Wyle is really hot. Like. Hot. He's aged well. He looked good. He looked real good. And the GGG panel turned away what looked like hundreds of fans - fingers crossed there is a second installment next year in an even bigger room.

- WBTV Party. Walked away with a belly full of chicken skewers & specialty cocktails, a badass gift bag, a photo of @eruditechick and Mischa Collins and the sneaking suspicion that the guy who introduced us to Collins was not in fact a "business man" as he stated. It wasn't until the next night at the EW Party that I realized who our new friends really was. ... I'll let that stay mysterious with only this clue: I did end up giving him an Inception top and he did end up tweeting about it. :)

-From Dusk Til Con. Friday night won the weekend of parties (though Thursday's Lucasfilm bash came close), rivaling last year's wonderful EW party experience. We started a dance party with Joss Whedon & co and really, what more do you need than that? We were having such a good time over in Whedonopolis, we neglected to even say hello to the Chuck cast. Oops. Of course, we all forgot to take a gift bag when we left, but we heard they were awesome. We also had the pleasure of finally meeting some of our favorite twitter friends. The evening ended at Syfy's Cafe Diem with the director of Shoot Em Up. Though last year's Don Glover versus John DiMaggio Tracy Morgan impression-off still remains the greatest Comic-Con late night dining experience of all time.