Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lost - "Across the Sea"

Loling for you


I joke because I love.

To all the haters - yes, true, tonight wasn't my favorite episode, but I'm choosing to say fuck it and just enjoy the time I have left with my precious Lost. As @Brotodeau pointed out, this episode would have been much better if it were framed like Ab Aeterno was, but at the same time, Darlton wanted the origin story of Jacob and MiB to stand out. And it did. Maybe not in the way we all hoped. Maybe in the way of everyone seems to be hating it or calling it their least favorite of the season. But it DOES stand out. That cannot be denied. So...yay? I think we're all a little upset because we love Lost for the Losties first and foremost and there were no Losties this week. But think about it this way - now, you're gonna feel a little something for Smokey, aren't you? Cause I am. Poor Smokey. Also, try thinking about what an awesome actress Allison Janney is! And don't think this means it *all boils down to Jacob and MiB* - it looks more like this boils down to the ISLAND, and how our Losties that we've grown to love are just as important as Jacob & MiB in protecting it - but who knows what that will end up meaning or how any of this will turn out. Because our Losties are the specialist of all special, DAMNIT! That's why they got their own show! Lost has always focused on the characters as people, with parts both good & bad. DON'T LOSE FAITH YET. Those of you who have already left the building, I know this episode made you throw away the key (METAPHOR?!) to get back in, and I understand, and I say to you if by some miracle you come a'knockin during the series finale, I will open the door for you (TOOK METAPHOR WAY TOO FAR AND MAYBE NOW IT DOESNT EVEN MAKE SENSE!?!?!).

I forget what I was talking about. I have to go to sleep.


Also - READ THIS ARTICLE ON TONIGHT'S EPISODE AND ALSO THIS. And even though I disagree with everything in THIS article, the comments are awesome.