Wednesday, May 12, 2010

90210 Semi Live Blogging - Meet The Parent

Dixon is a sociopath, we know it, you know it, just Dixon doesnt know it. But he may be one of the most blatantly evil characters on television, no joke.

I'm so sick of Liam and Naomi UGH

Naomi: I'm gonna sit against this wall with my leg stratigically places so i look rully rully hot, lookit how hot i am, omg, BLECH

"I'll mist you." "You'll mist me?" howsaboutipunchyoubothinyourprettyprettymoneymakers

Silver is painting cause she's artsy, GET IT DO YOU GET IT

Silver has a tattoo, she's artsy

Silver's a brunette, she's artsy

I feel sick

Teddy continues to remind me of a cartoon chipmunk. Eruditechick points out that he is an exact replica of Freddie from Scooby Doo.


Eruditechick - He's wearing guyliner and has bad hair,. I don't care who he is

I'm ur dadz so I toss the phone to yous and you catch it, M'BOY

Grizz. Correct. Of course that's his name.

I believe I've heard the phrase "Take five" in other areas, Adrianna, not just in a recording studio. But...okay...sure

This is what I just heard: Javier javier javier javier. Then the scene ended. I'm confused. Who is Javier and what just happened?

Adrianna is writing a song for her and javierjavierjavier to sing. Yeah, no, totally have the 16 year old write it, good idea.

The rest after the jump!

How do you buy a house without consulting the owner? I'm confused. How do you sell a house that isn't for sale? Uhhhh, huzzahwhat? Eruditechick chimes in - how does someone not graduate high school by the time she is 30? Good question, Eruditechick. Good question indeed.

Intense sad music "WHERE IS DADZ, OH NOES!" - Liam


Naomi claims she is going to eat ice cream. She left out the part about throwing up afterwards.

Silver is really into this one long earring thing and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Silver has one long earring, cause she's artsy

Dixon is wearing ALL BLUE. Impressive. Eruditechick asks if he is trying to be the Blue Ranger. Cause there is no other plausible excuse.

Eyu, Ivy, don't like Dixon, eyu eyu eyu eyu

I hate it when Dixon flirts with people gross gross gross

Where did Naomi's other earring go? I swear she was wearing two a second ago. Ah HAH! There it is.

I don't believe a word Jen says. Mostly because this actress is terrible.

Navid's girlfriend is back. Still not buying this. Sorry.

Annie's first appearance in the episode! Welcome, Annie! She wants to do it with Liam. But don't we all?

They totally stole this idea from LUKE building a boat on GILMORE GIRLS. LUKE!

Annie yammers about something, we don't know what, but somehow it's forcing Liam to confide in her. Ooookay.

Did Luke really leave? He was on the show for like 30 seconds in the most predictable storyline on the face of the planet. Waste.

Cougar Producer & Hot Sleepy Teacher!

Dumb Bitch Jen sees Hot Sleepy Teacher and the show pretends like they cared about each other at some point or some bullshit. Even though she used him and is a ho. STOP REWRITING HISTORY.

Eruditechick approves of Poor Man's Luke Wilson aka Hot Sleepy Teacher cause he ordered a whiskey ginger.

Let's see, will Adrianna and Navid get back together this season?! Probz. Cause everything is predictable on this show.

"And how do I do that? By banging you?" is DEFINITELY what I heard, Navid.

Silver doesn't eat meat, she's artsy

Silver is being uneccesarily awkward. Her character is never awkward. Except for RIGHT NOW. Okay, sure.

Exes are gonna bond over games and touching hands aweeommmADORBBBZZZ

Uuuum, did Hot Sleepy Teacher get totally wasted again? Is this over JEN?! REALLY?!

Poor Hot Sleepy Teacher.

Silver speaks her mind, she's artsy

...How is going to a carnival helping her write a song exactly? This is dumb.


Where is Rumer Willis?! Where is lesbian chin?! DISAPPROVE.

Naomi enters, bringing the BITCH. I'm okay with that. I hate Jen.

Thanks for pointing out that Jen slept with a 16 year old. Cause. Gross.


Damn, Olivier believed Naomi rather quickly. Yikes.

EYU. Dixon lights candles for Ivy and gets her Kogi BBQ. EYU EYU dont make out PLZ

Late night marriage counseling? Is that a thing?

Annie claims to not be an idiot. We aren't so sure about that.

Eruditechick doesnt understand how Dixon is black. We explain he is adopted. She responds "The only black character on this show is ADOPTED?" Yes. Yes he is. Oh 90210.

Blabber blabber blabber. Shenae Grimes really does look like she could be their kid though. But I have no idea what just happened during that scene. Bored.


"Can we talk about this later? There is a chick in my room waiting to be banged." SOCIOPATH.

We are pretty sure they blew out ALL the candles, but now they are back on, soooo...hmmm

Sometimes you have to step back and realize this scene features a 16 year old in a house that she owns and lives in alone, drinking a whole bottle of champagne.

Lila is making animals out of straws! She's quirky!

Is Navid about to break up with her?! Oh he SO is. Yikes. Break the heart of the only not-tiny girl on the show, real nice, Navid. This is uncomfortable.

Yeah, paint that boat, Liam, do it.

Raggedy Ann appears at Liam's. DO IT DO IT DO IT!
(Raggedy Ann ------------------------------------------>)

She needs to "blow off some steam" by painting the boat. DO IT INSTEAD it works better

What's ironic, Dixon? Let's see. Oh, something that's not ironic at all? Cool.

Ivy's face: "Yeah, that's not ironic, thats whimsical" - Eruditechick


This makes me so uncomfortable, Dixon has no sex appeal and I hate it

Silver rides a vespa, she's artsy

SO MUCH PLAID IN THIS EPISODE WHAT IS HAPPENING. Between Raggedy Ann, Famous Dad and Freddie

Dad doesn't approve of girlfriend?!?! Whaaa?! Who saw that coming?!?! Oh, all of us.

I thought matinees were before noon? Is that not true? When she says matinee before your game tonight?

Why is Naomi asleep on the couch wearing an eye mask, not in her bed? Too drunk? But awake enough to put on an eye mask?

Jen tricked Naomi?! Again, could this show BE any more predictable?

But I don't want Jen to be around, I HATE JEN. Ah, Jen too neglected to mention that she plans on throwing up that croissant immediately upon eating it.

Teddy demonstrates his regret by touching his chin softly

No, give up your career aspirations for your new high school girlfriend, good idea.

Oh! Javier is kinda cute! All right! Javier javier javier.

Adrianna wrote this song? Really?

This scene is awkward

Producers always dance to the song as it's being recorded, duh, don't you know?

"You killed it, sweetie" What about Javier javier javier javier?

It makes sense that she would say "No special guy, no one," just as Navid walks in, sure. FLOWERS IN THE TRASH OH NOES, Eruditechick comments on Navid's weeping heart.

THAT was the end of the episode? Why do I still bother?


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I'm sad that this exists.