Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol Top 3 - We Have Ourselves a Race


Well, it's top three week. Which means, in this case, contestant choice & judge's choice. Here's what we learned: Casey James is a goner, Crystal has to BRING IT next week and Lee Dewyze is effing sexy, people. There. I said it. Here we go!

Casey James - Ok It's All Right With Me
Fine, cute, looking good, sounds good, but you know, just kind of fine, nothing to write home about
Randy - "Kind of all right with me."
Ellen - Summary = eh
Kara - Summary = eh
Simon - Most important night of his life, lucky, cause compares that song to the salad portion of the dinner. Sounded like busking. Daft song choice.

Casey - Daughters
Just guitar and piano is good, but ultimately he doesn't sound as good as John Mayer, so...eh. Much better than his first performance, but he's not winning anything. Nice note hitting and nice guitar playing. But overall? Not better than Crystal or Lee.
Randy - Good direction, really, honestly
Ellen - Beautiful for him, really good
Kara - Good job
Simon - Much much better song choice than the first one. Was a bit of a lazy arrangement. Thinks there should have been more vocals in the arrangement. Kara & Randy disagree. He says he DID sound very good on it though.

Crystal Bowersox - Come Through My Window
Love the harmonica opening. Kinda wish it was just her & the guitar. Not her best. Not sure she should have picked a song by an artist she is too close to. Didn't really hit one of the notes or two. Definitely not her best. 
Randy - Didn't love the arrangement, but did like her vocal on it. Rose above the arrangement, all worked in the end
Ellen - And I totally missed what Ellen said...sigh. I was in a room filled with like 12 people, it was inevitable.
Kara - She is capable of a moment and hopes she has one
Simon - Wasn't the most stunning version of the song, but liked that she was herself, honest performance, made the right choice, congratulations

Crystal - Maybe I'm Amazed
I hate the sparkles. Sounding great. Didn't change the words, WIN! "Baby I'm a man." Hitting the notes. Sounds awesome. She looks nervous. Slightly flat overall, but still awesome.
Randy - Great song, great vocals, in it to win it
Ellen - Did it
Kara - Didn't change it up that much, but showed parts of her voice they hadn't heard before tonight, really pushed, no instrument - huge risk. Risk paid off.
Simon - Was surpsied with songchoice, but noe he gets it. Proved that she has soul, worked outside of her comfort soul. May be thanking Ellen for putting her in the final. 

Lee Dewyze - Simple Man 
Was kind of hoping Ryan was gonna say "Crosby, Stills and Nash" instead of Lynyrd Skynyrd" but we can't always get what we want, can we? Please just be him and the guitar. Damnit. The rest of the band just came in. Oh well. He's still doing a great job. The non-Idol watchers in the room have dubbed him their favorite and some even have crushes. 
Randy - Somebody here is feeling like they could win this. He's ready.
Ellen - That's what we're talking about. Took it seriously. So proud of him.
Kara - He did what the contestants need to do, showed them everything he's got. Round 1 goes to Lee.
Simon - That song was absolutely on the money. Blew the other two out of the water.

Lee - Hallelujah
Really?! Hallelujah? I don't know....here we go. Just him playing the guitar. Like it so far. STRINGS?! OK! Choir. Not sure it needs choir. Doesn't need the band, but he still sounds good. Shit. Lee. Is. Rocking it. Uh oh, Mamasox. My oh my. Methinks Lee won this night, no? Wow.
Randy - Been waiting all season to see who is gonna throw down the real gauntlet to win the whole thing. Biggest moment at the biggest time. Unbelievable.
Ellen - That was stunning
Kara - What the show is all about. Starts in a limp place and ends up here tonight. Heart of the show this season, owned the entire night.
Simon - Very very very proud of him. Proved that he is a fantastic singer, a great person, and Simon hopes he makes it through. 

Damn. And suddenly Lee is the front runner. Hmmm. Funny how much this resembles Katherine McPhee/Taylor Hicks, Blake Lewis/Jordin, Sparks Archie/David Cook, Adam Lambert/Kris Allen around this time, huh? I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Lee pulled it out in the end, though at this point I still really want it to be Crystal for being pretty consistent week to week, for being totally awesome, for being unique, for being unlike any other winner (or contestant for that matter!) and so on and so forth.

I'm nervous, you guys.

Going Home: Casey, or something is wrong with the world

Lee (overall) A-
Crystal (overall) B
Casey (overall) C+


Unknown said...

A national study conducted by Mediacurves.com among American Idol viewers found that Casey James was selected as the contestant that should be eliminated from the competition based on his performance last night and only received 15.3% of votes. The study parallels American Idol voting to determine the weekly winners based on a democratic, “one person, one vote” methodology.
More results can be seen at http://www.mediacurves.com/Entertainment/J7766-AmericanIdol-5-18-10/Index.cfm