Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting Down To It - American Idol Top 5 Recap

Fox doesn't have an effing group picture of the top five, so I have no photo to headline this week's recap. THIS IS WHY WE AREN'T FRIENDS, FOX.

...I'm only half serious. You're cool sometimes.

Anyway, this week's installment of American Idol was Sinatra themed and it was actually a pretty good decision. For the first time, it was made clear to me that certain contestants actually CAN sing and certain other ones, as much as I like them, just can't. And others can sing just fine, sure, but need to go home already cause they bore me. On to the recap!

Aaron Kelly - Fly Me To The Moon
Competant, sounded good enough, sure, whatever but I don't care
Randy -  Looking for who is in this to win it. Was worried but he did a really good job
Ellen - Also was worried, but cannot believe she didn't hear any country, felt like he really pulled it off, beautiful vocals
Kara - Good. Not as strong as last week. Thinks he will be here again. Needs more charisma.
Simon - Was a mouse to Frank Sinatra's lion. Corny vocals at the end. Didn't have the conviction. But a good thing is people like him after he performs.

Casey James - Blue Skies
"Sometimes its not about the lyrics, sometimes it's about the groove" - HCJ
Sounds kind of off at the beginning, let's see how this goes. But the sheet music on an ipad or whatever is effing awesome. Casey is so darn cute, but this proves that vocally, he just isn't THAT strong. Nice final note. Eruditechick says the performance is "God Awful."
Randy - Worst performance, pitchy until the last note, out of his element, knew it would be tough for him, about intricate melodies and singing with the band.
Ellen - Felt very stiff, no cool, not effortless, agrees with Randy and is sorry
Kara - Took him a long time to warm up into the song. But at least he held some notes, she's never heard that before. But he kind of sounds like a lamb sometimes, with the vibratto - YOU COULD HAVE TOLD HIM THAT AGES AGO!
Simon - He wasn't fantastic. Came over a bit embarrased and awkward. Didn't feel comfortable. Jokes about him getting kicked off. Yikes.

Harry Connick says he sounded better in rehearsal and it's hard to hear on the stage, but he did kill it two hours ago. Awwwe.

Crystal Bowersox - Summer Wind
Crystal is totally classic jazz singer omg her interaction with Harry is amazing.
She jumps into any genre they give her, she's badass. Ohmygod is she gonna cry again? Nice performance!
Randy - One of her more subdued performances, was okay, a little sleepy
Ellen - At first seemed like she was swallowing the words, then really started singing, wanted her to loosen up a little bit more, she has so many different sides, totally impressive
Kara - Out of her element, but she kind of liked it. Liked her phrasing. Showed that she could hold her own in that department.
Simon - Felt a little bit indulgent. First half too jazzy, second half a lot better. Wasn't one of her strongest performances. Has had two okay weeks, needs to go back to be in it to win it.

Big Mike - The Way You Look Tonight
Someone who can really sing! Yay! Oh this is good. Oh, we're grooving. Yeah I said grooving. Yeah. He can sing. Damn. Totally committed to the style. Awesome.
Randy - Mike is in it to win it. This is what he's talking about. Always sings it interestingly and well. Threw down the gauntlet.
Ellen - Seems to have the most comfort on stage. Showed that tonight, looked the part, sounded the part, really good
Kara - Found the drama in the song, took us on a journey, did everything right, but didn't lose himself.
Simon - Brought himself back in the game. Listened. Seemed like everyone worked together. Fantastic.

Lee - That's Life
Oooh, sounds good. In Lee's power zone. Continues to get cuter every week. I'm serious. Lee is having sex with someone. And he wasn't 3 weeks ago. I'm telling you. Oooh! I like this! Approve.
Randy - Loved it.
Ellen - If this was the last night of performances, he would have just won this whole thing
Kara - Asks if he thinks he can win. He says yeah. Says he needs to go home and write "I can win this thing" he needs the confidence, he can win this thing
Simon - Harry brought out his personality and confidence, loved that he gave it 110% and was by far the best performance of the night.

Did they totally forget about Mike?!?!! Who just went? And was awesome? Confused.

Top Two
Bottom Two

Going Home: I'm pretty sure it's gonna be Casey, but I WISH it was Aaron. Aaron doesn't deserve to be in the top 4. Casey isn't THAT great of a singer, but I like him and whatever, shhh.

Lee A
Big Mike A
Crystal B
Aaron C-
Casey D+