Friday, March 12, 2010

Double the Eruditechick Means Double The Fun!

Great news, Fangirls!

Our own amazing, lovely, smart & hilarious Eruditechick will now be pulling double duty as a news writer over at Screenrant!!!

Be sure to add Screenrant to your Google Reader & comment on Amanda's posts, thereby encouraging more movie sites to hire themselves some kick ass lady writers.

Her first piece is covering Cinematical's interview with the Let Me In producer. Fitting, as Let The Right One In is VERY important to her and not to be fucked with. Fingers crossed for that movie.

And stay tuned readers, All Things Fangirl has some very special Wondercon coverage coming up in a few weeks! Not only will the lovely Eruditechick be snagging some great interviews & exclusive access, but maybe another fangirl you all love and are very familiar with will be joining her :). Not sure if I'm going yet, but the event will be thoroughly covered either way.

Here are some of Eruditechick's past posts - take a gander! Yay!

Review of D9

Response to LA Time's offensive girl's guide to comic con

Interview w/ Robert Meyer Burnett, producer/director/editor

Interview w/ cast of Chuck

Op-ed on sequels & Iron Man 2

Interview w/ the cast of Pandorum

Funny one :)

Thoughts on Captain America casting from November 2008!