Monday, March 29, 2010

Mistah J! [Etsy Geek Search of the Day]

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Harley Quinn

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Original Art - Dr Quinzel and Dr Crane - $45

I mean, come on, how cute is that? Harley and Jon, taking a break from being crazy to be all doctor-y. Can I see this storyline somewhere?

Aw man, now I'm sad again thinking about how amazing an HQ storyline would have been in the Nolan universe with Heath Ledger as the Joker. Harley could still emerge in the third as a disciple of the Joker, but that would take away the brilliant Dini/Timm HQ origin story plus, really, what's Harley without Mistah J? Oh, and if you're wondering what Harley would like in the Nolanverse? I imagine something like this Arkham Asylum goodness:

...I officially know what I'm gonna be for Halloween next year. Will study Arleen Sorkin's voice for maximum awesomeness.