Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Previously On Lost [Etsy Geek Search Of the Day]

Today's entry?

In honor of last night's stellar episode of Lost,

"Dharma Initiative"

Today's results?

Today's recommended buy?

Perhaps the toughest decision yet! Today I'm gonna change it up and give you my top *three* recommended buys. From most expensive to least expensive

Dharma Clock - $35

This is a great clock. It is 10 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches. It sticks out from the wall about an inch and a half. It keeps great time. Hanso technology makes it run up to a year on one AA battery.
The clock face is surrounded by 12 images of various official Dharma emblems. Each individual photo is acrylic encased for protection. This is for the true collector.
Your clock will come fully assembled ready to hang on any wall, it also has a built-in, swing-out stand in the back that can be used to quickly turn this into a desk or table clock.

Dont Forget to Push the Button - Set of 5 Double-Sided Ornaments - $25

set of 5 double-sided ornaments inspired by that awesome crazy island!
each ornament is actually 2 different ornaments!
each has a glyph on one side and a number on the other.
each ornament measures about 2.75 x 3.5 inches.
the numbers sides read 108 00 (every 108 minutes!)
and the glyphs sides show what happens when you dont push the button!
if you would like one of these as a key ring, just let me know which one and i can put up a listing for $6!

Dharma Initiative Stations Rubics Cube - $10

This is a regulation size rubics cube featuring the Dharma Stations from the TV show LOST. It is a working model but should primarily be used for display purposes. I'm not sure how many turns and twists the cube can take before the decals wear down. Very colorful, fun limited use piece.