Monday, March 15, 2010

Now I've Officially Lost My Mind. Get it? LOST?

I did something I never thought I would do.

Let's quote the youtube page, shall we? SPOILER ALERT. In the video, spoilers for Lost. In the quote from my youtube page, a spoiler for the "story" of the "fan video." Wait. Fan video. No quotes. One day I'm gonna post some Fan Fiction I wrote when I was in middle school. Can't stop me. READ ON!

I can't believe it, but I actually did one of those things people do, where they edit a video featuring characters from a TV show to fit a slightly different storyline. I'm a loser. So.

The story of this video is:
-Sawyer & Kate have the whole best friend vibe going on, but he's clearly in love with her.
-Meanwhile, she falls for Jack, who is also way in love with her.
-When Sawyer kisses her, she's like omg and tells Jack and Jack forgives her, but Sawyer keeps pursuing her then uh oh, she can't help it and she & Sawyer totally do it all over the place (If I'm gonna act like I 12 year old girl by making this video, I'm for sure gonna write a description like one) and Jack sees them.
-Jack is all sad and wonders what went wrong and thinks back on the happy times, while Kate keeps on doing her thang with Sawyer.
-But then Jack tells Kate they have to go back and try again and they have make up sex and Kate says she really always loved him.
-Then Jack punches Sawyer, cause he needed to get that out of his system.
-Sawyer decides not to kill Jack. Nice Sawyer.
-Then Jack & Kate go start their lives together.


For the record...I'm all about Sawyer/Kate. But apparently not at all about my own sanity. If I was, this video wouldn't exist.

Ah yes. The watermarks! There are watermarks everywhere cause ABC owns this footage, not me. It's all from their promo contest. I figured it was okay to use because it blatantly says who owns it. And there are a bajillion other Lost fan videos on the Internets. But they all suck and mine is awesome. Oh shit, sorry, that was 12 year old Muse being a pest again. Let me just smack her Me her-me it real quick.

Without further ado, complete with snazzy ABC watermarks, is the tale of a girl named something who made out with two totally hot dudes on some show.


Castling said...

This is the best ATFG post! I love it and I love you!

david said...

brother... you've lost your mind.

but this is why i love you. and your video is silly funtastic even though kate is a massively, MASSIVELY boring character.

so, with you all bed-ridden and stuff, i feel like you're james caan, and your raging fangirl-ism is kathy bates... or something. i dunno, making Misery analogies is harder than it looks.

Unknown said...

You should watch the Fine Brother's LOST song parody. Youtube it, you will definetly have a laugh :)