Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol Top 16 - Girls Night

Well, that was a bizarre girl's night, wasn't it? Two of the people I always count on to be great were utterly mediocre (Katelyn, Lilly) and two of the girls who the judges swear are awesome, but haven't proved it yet, hit it out of the ballpark (Lacey, Didi). Another two of the girls were reliably awesome (Crystal, Siobhan) and two are CLEARLY going home. Yikes. Sorry girls (Paige, Katy)

Here's my quick two cents:

Katie Stevens - Breakaway
Karaoke. Go be on Glee where they can fix your imperfections in post and get off American Idol please.

Siobhan Magnus - House of the Rising Sun
That was awesome. Simon, you're either a god damn moron or you are trying to sway the calling audience in a particular direction for nefarious reasons. Clearly has the best voice on the whole show.

EW's take on Siobhan,

Actually, that would be one way to explain Simon's inexplicable disdain for Siobhan's ''House of the Rising Sun,'' which — no exaggeration — I'd rate as one of the best pure vocals I've ever heard in an Idol semifinal. I mean, let's get real for a second: Given the fact that Randy Jackson considered Big Mike's James Brown worthy of a standing O last week, how is it possible that all four judges didn't get off their duffs on the basis of Siobhan's achingly gorgeous a capella intro alone? Come to think of it, only Ellen DeGeneres seemed genuinely blown away by the way Siobhan powered through her notes with a melisma-free clarity that's all too rare among Idol's ''big'' vocalists. Me? I could listen to a whole concert's worth of Siobhan's achingly lovely lilt, the way it rises and falls as she loses herself in the lyric, the way her upper register seems to inherently convey an innate sense of angst and pain and loss. If Siobhan's emotional commitment and pitch perfection is ''a bit weird,'' as Simon described it, then I hope more season 9 contestants follow suit.

Lacey Brown - The Story
LOVE this song. Was hoping someone sing it on the show. Unfortunately, it was Lacey, who doesn't have the power to sing the actual impressive, difficult part of this song. Apparently none of the judges have ever heard this top 40 hit before because none of them call her out. Luckily for Lacey, however, her voice is perfectly suited for her take on the song, and she sounds fantastic.

Katelyn Epperly - I Feel The Earth Move Under My Feet
That was awkward. That was nothing short of awkward. Love this girl, but this performance is all kinds of wrong. Her voice is still great and she is still so pretty so I hope she doesn't go home. Yikes.

Didi Benami - Rhiannon
Thank goodness. Gorgeous. Didi finally gets it! Let's hope she stays this awesome as the competition goes on. Love love loving this.

Paige Miles - Smile
My goodness that was depressing, wasn't it? That made me really sad. Poor girl just missed the mark completely tonight and knows it. Wow. Oh, the humanity

Mamasox - Gimmie One Reason
Week one: Soundalike
Week two: I've never heard that CCR song before, but seemed like it was more of her own take on a classic?
Week three: Took what could have been a soundalike and made it totally her own and TOTALLY EFFING AWESOME
Say what you will about Mamasox, she's unbelievable. And so confident this week! Sadly, early front-runners rarely make it to the top. Will Mamasox defy the odds?

Lilly Scott - I Fall To Pieces
Normally I love her, but this performance was bridging on bad for me. Her unique voice, style and mandolin saved it from the depths of horribleness, but she could get real old real quick if she stays on the path of whatever it was that just happened.

My Top Three: Siobhan, Crystal, Didi,
My Bottom Three: Paige, Katie, Katelyn
Going Home: Paige, Katie (If there's justice!)