Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lost Bobbleheads = WANT

I'm very particular about my Bobbleheads. I only have one. It's the Joker from The Dark Knight. It's awesome and scary and the first thing I ever wrote about this blog. It is also broken because my cat knocked it over. But that's irrelevant. Unless you wanna buy me a new one. Or some super glue.

When the Lost toys stopped being made my Todd Mcfarlane, I was sad. When Bif Bang Pow took over, I was angry. But then I realized. While Bif Bang Pow may suck at action figures,

Case in point:



They are really fucking good at bobbleheads. Not only are they good at em, but they made em out of the BEST CHARACTERS SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.


Ben was a Comic Con exclusive, Richard, Faraday & Edgar come out in July, and Locke & Hurley hit stores in August. To pre-order these figures, click the smaller image of it below! I have a custom made Faraday figure coming my way, so if you wanna get me a present in the form of a Bobblehead, I'll take Richard or Locke. Kthxbye. Oh did I mention they are only $13? I repeat: WIN.

Lost Daniel Faraday Bobble 
HeadLost Richard Alpert Bobble HeadLost Dr. Edgar Halliwax Bobble

Lost Hugo Hurley Reyes Bobble 
HeadLost John Locke Bobble Head


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