Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Win Battlestar Items Cause KFC Is Confused! [BSGasm]

Your faithful site runner is epically sick and also in love with our new president, vice president, chief of staff, director of speech writing...okay, gonna stop there cause this list could go on forever. She has discovered that when sick, all she can manage to write about is Battlestar Galactica, apparently.

Odd as it is, I just can't resist linking you all to KFC's new sweepstakes entitled...the Frak Pak. I know there was an ad for it during Friday's premiere but zipped by it due to my handy dandy dvr. Clearly no one in the marketing department over at KFC has ever watched Battlestar or even done a thorough google search on the word. Either that or someone REALLY hip just convinced them all to go along with the title, without ever explaining that they would be calling the sweepstakes, in national commercials, the Fuck Pak. Cracks me up.

That aside, there are some pretty awesome prizes up for grabs here and I want to win them. Although it should be noted that I already own both the toaster and two big frakking bags. And all of the dvds. And I don't like KFC. But I want the photo and the script so bad!

Clicks here to enter.

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ErinLaurel said...

Apparently, enough people noticed now that they caught on and changed the name:

(Although, as he points out, they still don't quite get it b/c you can say frak on TV)