Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost Pulls a Red Shirt!

Everyone's favorite running joke, "Frogurt" aka Neil, gracefully fulfilled the role of Red Shirt on tonight's Lost premiere. I'm positive that I wasn't the only person watching tonight who exclaimed upon Neil's first appearance in the episode "Well, he's gonna die any second now." I mean, we rarely ever see him and, oh yeah, he was WEARING A RED SHIRT. Then not only did he die, he went down in flames. Literally. In the middle of a speech. Sam Jackson style. Lost knows what's up.

I do hope you get all the references I've made this evening. If you haven't seen Deep Blue Sea, I sort of forgive you. If you don't know what a Red Shirt is...we need to talk.

Update: Just went over to TV Addict to check out their live blog and lo and behold:

10:07PM: LOVE that Neil is literally wearing a “red shirt!” Genius.

Knew I wasn't the only one!

Update: AV Club too!

Those left behind—Sawyer, Daniel, Juliet, Miles, Charlotte, Locke, Bernard, Rose, and a bunch of red shirts, including fan favorite Neil Frogurt—find that every so often, the sky flashes, and they show up a different point in island history.