Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet the Team

Here is a continuing example of a game developer being truly in love with their game. Developer Valve (Portal, Half-Life) have been periodically releasing machinima promoting Team Fortress 2, a first-person shooter multiplayer game. Each video introduces one of the character classes that you can play in the game by giving you a sort of day-in-the-life. Christopher Guest-ish biopic of him. The game has an awesome classic spy movie vibe, and the cast is full of delightfully tongue-in-cheek stereotypes. I wish more developers took the time (or had the money to take the time) to do stuff like this. It gets you excited about the game all over again. Thank the gods that Valve were the ones who scooped up the people who made Portal, or we may have never gotten as much fangirl/boy love from that game as we have.

Anyway... take a look. I recommend Meet the Sniper and Meet the Scout to start you off.