Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Map of the Star Wars Galaxy! [For mah wallz pleaz?]

This is too cool not to share.

It's a map of the Star Wars Galaxy! So many planets!! I love how Endor, Hoth & Dagobah are all epically far away from Coruscant & Alderaan. That's what my head thought it would be! Tatooine is also in wild space. So like, the planets with specific themes (forest, snow, swamp, desert) are all wild spacey and the planets that seem to have all types of conditions, must like Earth, are closer to the center of the galaxy. Mon Calamari may be the farthest away. As it should be. Fish people.

Head on over to Wookiepedia to learn about all the different planets. Already, I know that Varonat (near Hoth & Endor) is a steaming jungle planet and Nkllon is volcanic (as if you couldn't tell by looking it - so red!) and home to the Lava Worm. Ooh, Rishi the tropical planet! And Ryloth is rocky. I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY. And maybe I will. Let me know if you find what is in your opinion, the coolest planet on this map. I LOVE STAR WARS.

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crash7800 said...

Zoomable version here:

Teddy Diefenbach said...

Damn shame about Alderaan.

Naboo looks like some nice real estate. Far from any serious highway traffic. Nice place for a country home.

The Kessel Run doesn't look that tough, really...