Tuesday, January 27, 2009

david's favorite things, volume 3940340.3

sooooo this is the bestest. i is lazy so i'm just going to copy and paste from a facebook message i wrote earlier, but it gives you all the details ya need.

so from the department of things that make me absurdly happy and have little appeal to anyone else but that i force upon them anyway...

so i'm not really a big sports guy but i've always been obsessed with the new york rangers (like, season tickets for life, obsessed). and ever since i was born this guy named al trautwig has been covering the team. now, mr. trautwig is pretty badass because he was in cool runnings and the whoopie goldberg masterpiece "eddie," and that's pretty much all someone needs to accomplish to consider their life a success as far as i'm concerned, but i have never, not once in 25 years... seen al talk about anything other than sports. but today, out of nowhere, that changed. something snapped. he just couldn't focus on his work anymore - he had to get something off his chest. so al made a video blog. about lost.

to give you an idea as to why i find this so brilliant, imagine if like... one of obama's weekly radio addresses was entirely about the hills, and not only that, but it was the most incredibly insightful analysis of the hills ever. that's how wtf this is for me. so yeah, here it is, i think you'll find it interesting, rangers obsession or not. maybe. just scroll down and watch the video.