Monday, April 5, 2010

A Very Fangirl Take On Warner Brother's Wondercon Panel: The Losers, Nightmare on Elm Street, Splice, Inception

The Warner's panel on Saturday rocked my socks, as Warner Brothers tends to do on a regular basis. The movies we learned about were The Losers, Nightmare on Elm Street, Splice, and surprise entry, Inception! Here's some tidbits from the panels and our take on said tidbits:

The Losers

-Director Sylvain White describes the movie as cool gritty visceral action with incredibly fun characters & moments. 

-He was really impressed by the design work in the comic, especially with primary colors & brought that to the film

-New benchmark in boy girl fight scenes. (If the footage is any indication, hell yeah it is)

-Extended trailer was fucking awesome, Hilarious, great action, great chemistry right off the bat. And look EXACTLY like the characters. Like. Exactly. Wtf.

-Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays Clay, the leader of The Losers. Black suit, big guns.

- JSM calls Calls Zoe, Zo! Aweee

-Zoe Saldana plays Aisha, little lethal weapon, don’t know what card she’s playing, lots of secrets

-Columbus Short puts the Reserved for Nic Cage sign in front of him and it’s awesome. His character, Pooch, is the emotional glue of the story

-Chris Evans is Jensen, the group's tech support, and destined to be my favorite character

-Oscar Jaenada plays Cougar, the team's silent sharpshooter, who stayed pretty silent during the panel and Eruditechick's interview. When our intrepid reporter pointed this out to him, he replied in his thick, sexy accent,"Just like my character"

-Cast has tons of chemistry and they clearly get along well. That's a set that must have been fun to work on.

-On putting the cast together - White got everyone he wanted, his first choices with this “crazy group of kids.” Characters are so difficult, each brought a different facet to the movie, and the actors needed to reflect that.

-“Chemistry was majestic from the beginning Can only make magic cause you are completely comfortable.” - Zoe

-Zoe is turned on by “no”

-Zoe insisted on doing scenes that required lots of physical activity. Zoe and Jeffrey Dean Morgan call each other hot. It’s hot.

-Does Chris Evans prefer comedic or dramatic roles? Both are fun to play, at the end of the day its about the director and making a good movie. Half the satisfaction is on set, but it’s sullied if the movie comes out and isn't good. ... I wonder what he could be talking about.... :)

(HOTNESS ------------->)

- Will Jeffrey Dean Morgan be making an appearance on Supernatural this season? Right now he is concentrating on the Losers, but maybe, if it’s the last season, he would love to go back and made it perfectly clear. He was pretty amused with the fact that someone asked about Supernatural at all, while not a single question was directed toward Zoe about Trek or Avatar or Chris about Captain America.

-They are all obsessed with Nicolas Cage signs. As are we. Win!

-It was easy for JDM to fall for Zoe. Clay & Aisha are very attracted to each other but don’t trust each other and are a bit on the violent side in the film. Zoe thought the fight scene was very romantic. Matched up to the personalities they have. JSM said fight was on a turn on…to the characters…he then gave an ACTUAL winky face

-Characters stay very true to the characters in the comic series

- To Chris Evans - Why the comic book films? Its such a great well. Films are tricky. Such an intangible world, making something out of nothing. Lots of weight on a directors shoulders. Comics provide an amazing map. Its fun for not just directors, but actors too. Good modern comic like the Losers translates well.

Interview with the cast snagged by Eruditechick coming soon! For now, here is some video from the panel. Non HD I'm afraid, but still fun!

Nightmare, Splice & Inception after the jump!

Nightmare on Elm Street

-"Scary process” for Jackie, becoming Freddy. Tough to take on a character that one guy has played, Compliments Robert Englund who Created character with Wes & and is the only guy who’s played him so its scary and daunting. But studio was looking to start over and wanted new Freddy and he can't tell us how exciting it was that he got offered the role. Heard first that the fans were suggesting him. Trip & and an honor.

 Dear Thomas Dekker, plz be my gay boyfriend. Love, Muse

-Kyle plays Quentin, the kid who teams up with Nancy when they realize they are all going through the same stuff and have to stop it before they get cut to pieces. Rooney Mara is Nancy. Their version is a little bit different, their Nancy is a little different, tortured lonely soul. Katie plays Kris, who is the opposite of Nancy, high school student, recently broken up with her boyfriend, Jesse and starts having these dreams and confusing dreams & reality. Thomas plays Jesse and is a nice guy in the high school with his heart broken and also going through the problem they are. SPOILER ALERT - His most exciting scene is when he gets killed.

-Thomas wanted to do the movie just based on title alone.

-We’ll get to see Katie Cassidy fight in this movie a little bit. Ruby on Supernatural kicked some ass, wishes Kris had those skills, but she isn't totally helpless

-Was humor part of the mix in Jackie's performance? He thinks this version is a little darker and more serious. There’s a bit of humor, but not as much as what Robert did.
-Jackie saw the original movie in the theater in the 80s. Re-watched the first film, but didn’t want to watch them all. The first one was a little more serious, more of what they are going for now. Wanted to play the character in a way so he was still familiar to fans but also to make it his own.

-Thomas Dekker is generally opposed to remakes, but thinks this will be awesome

-Rooney Mara is really shy and it’s sweet

-Jackie was never was a big comic fan before Watchmen which introduced him to that world. Tough in a whole different kind of way from Freddy.


-Vincenzo Natali's “family film". Family film! LOLtown.

-Two young geneticists who create hybrid organisms and make foolish choice of adding human DNA and create something like a child and develop a parental relationship to it and things go horribly wrong. Starring Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley. Has a Godfather in Guerillmo Del Toro, who came up to him one day and said you know man, id really like to produce a film for you, he thought of Splice, the rest is history!

-Really creepy clip & trailer - looks like it’s gonna be frightening and very cool.

-Del Toro loves creatures and this is about finding the humanity in the creatures and monsters in the humans.

-Had religious experience at age of 8 called Star Wars and it changed his world view and made him wanna make movies.

-Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley were at the top of his list. The script goes to unusual and dangerous places and the actors were very courageous and had to do things that no other actor or actress has been asked to do before. “About as Freudian as you can get.” 

-The creature is a mixture of physical and digital effects. 

-Creature has dramatic evolution and evolves into something very beautiful. 

-Started working on this movie 12 years ago. 

-Made completely independently cause no one wanted to make a risky movie like this.

-He loves the horror genre for pushing you places where other genres don’t allow you to go.
-When he started writing it 12 years ago they had just cloned Dolly. When they started filming it, the UK legalized animal cloning.

-Dren is the name of the spliced creature. Nerd backwards!

-He wrote the script consulting with a geneticist.

-Thought he had strange idea, spoke to scientists, they made it even stranger, based on the reality of where genetics are headed. Thinks we may be designed to meddle with our own DNA. Not “should you steal fire from the gods” but “what do you with the fire once you get it?”

-Labs in this movie are not Hollywood labs, more like what the genetic labs are actually like.

-Opens June 4th



-Chris Nolan doesn’t normally do these things, but want to show people some of the film, give us a sense of the feel of it. Thought nothing would be better than coming to a convention. Support of fans like us are crucial to the films he has chose to make. Shows Extended ShoWest trailer.

-Chris has always been interested in relationship between film and architecture. About people who can construct dreams. Mind behind that is an architect. Chris tries to capture effects in camera whenever possible. Doesn’t like tacked on effects feeling. Loves creating a world you can get lost in in a creative manner, using new technologies when appropriate. Try to have everything based on something they shot in camera.

-Shot in 6 countries, whereas Dark Knight was only in 3. Dark Knight’s success has made it possible to tell this story. Always been fascinated by dreams and what the mind is doing during a dream - creating and experiencing a world simultaneously. Was looking for a way to explore that idea for many years. Is a heist film in a way. About individuals who can construct a dream and steal thoughts from others. Science fiction premise, is a recognizably contemporary world. Grand scale action film.

-Primarily influenced by Kubrick, Roeg, Malick, & Scott, especially Blade Runner, always, with everything

-Thinking of converting to 3D, but doesn’t think anything is better than large format film (35mm anamorphic) in terms of image quality. Story comes first.

-Approached film by trying to make the dreams feel as real as possible, 35mm felt like the best way to capture that. Loves shooting in IMAX, but didn’t feel right for this movie. When you are fortunate enough to have a large budget, you have a responsibility to give the best image quality possible.

-Will see we any twisted female characters in his films coming up? Doesn’t wanna give away too much about Inception, but Marion Cotillard plays extremely complicated individual.


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