Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Picked up the May calender for the Egyptian & Aero Theaters today and came across some evenings I WANT TO GO TO, which you should want to go too or you CRAZY. Book ending the month in which Lost comes to a close (I have...a sort of one track mind?), are the following,

Saturday, May 1 – 5:00 PM - Egyptian

Triple Feature: 25th Anniversary! BACK TO THE FUTURE, 1985, Universal, 117 min. Dir. Robert Zemeckis. Michael J. Fox plays teenager Marty McFly, whose mentor Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) invents a time-traveling Delorean that takes the slacker back to the 1950s. When he inadvertently gets in the way of his teenage parents' relationship, Fox has to figure out how to get them back together to ensure his own eventual existence.

BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, 1989, Universal, 108 min. Dir. Robert Zemeckis. A series of complex time-travel complications send hero Marty McFly and partner Doc Brown back to the 1955 of the first film after a mishap in 2015 generates a parallel universe.

BACK TO THE FUTURE PART III, Universal, 1990, 118 min. Dir. Robert Zemeckis The final installment starts off with McFly receiving a 100-year-old letter from Doc Brown, who is now happily living in the Wild West. Some historical snooping reveals that Brown was killed a mere week after writing his missive! Time to reignite the Delorean, save his partner and get back to the future. Claudia Wells to appear for discussion between I and II.

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Sure, some of you may not be soooo into Back to the Future Part III, but some of you probably weren't into Return of the Jedi either and Return of the Jedi looks pretty damn good next to the .... dare I say it ... new Star Wars trilogy ... ugh.... Whatever, the third BTTF is still super fun and it's still Marty and Doc and STFU WHATEVER. The first two are so good and the first one is a perfect film. I SAID IT.

Saturday, May 29 – 5:00 PM - Aero

Triple Feature: RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, 1981, Paramount, 115 min. Archaeologist Harrison Ford battles occult-obsessed Nazis and former girlfriend Karen Allen as he attempts to save the Ark of the Covenant. Brilliant, non-stop adventure from director Steven Spielberg and producer George Lucas.
INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM, 1984, Paramount, 118 min. Dir. Steven Spielberg. This time we find Jones fleeing Shanghai and attempting to help free a village’s children from indentured servitude to a maniacal cult. Before the last reel unspools, Jones will fight for survival in the nefarious Temple of Doom.

INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE, 1989, Paramount, 127 min. Director Steven Spielberg returns for the third entry in the series with Indiana (Harrison Ford) searching for his father (Sean Connery) after the brilliant archaeologist is kidnapped by the Nazis.
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The only thing better than a triple feature of the Back to the Future Trilogy? And slightly less awesome than a triple feature of the original Star Wars Trilogy? The Indiana Jones Trilogy!! WEEEE! Again, this trilogy features one movie that not everyone loved - Temple of Doom - but I saw that movie at least ten times before I saw Raiders or Last Crusade, SO, I love it, and calm down, it is, dare I say it, better than Crystal Skull? (Answer: Yes)


Ashley said...

People don't like BTTF III? I LOVE that one. I think it's better than II.