Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Hot MALE Character In Fable III?!?!?!

Please allow me to be totally & completely superficial for a moment. If you've played Fable II, you know the game specialized in making super hot girls but fugly beyond belief guys. The hottest guy I could find was a tattooed-head-to-toe gypsy, who fathered two children of mine, only to let himself get murdered in our new mansion (I shouldn't have to protect you, husband, get with it) and get my kids taken away in the process, so, ugh. I just hope this is a character MY character can have sex with marry, not someone I have to play as. I take great pride in my Amazonian, blue-vein covered warrior women, okay? Finally, a proper male counterpart! Alex just wasn't doing it, you know? My marriage to Lady Grey is much happier, despite her being both a woman and ghost.

Hat Tip: @Sunrisepromo
Moar Info from G4