Tuesday, April 6, 2010

American Idol: Lennon/McCartney Week Suggestions!

It's my favorite time of year - LENNON/MCCARTNEY WEEK ON IDOL!

Okay, I lied, it's hardly my favorite time of year, but it may be close to my favorite part of Idol all year. I was worried we'd never see the Beatles appear on Idol again after Season 7 so mishandled it (a few nailed it, most didn't...) and the greatest season ever (yes that would be season 8) didn't get a shot, but here we are again. There's some bad though. 1. This season, for lack of a better term, sucks, and is not worthy of Lennon/McCartney and 2. No George Harrison songs means no Big Mike killing on While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Across the Universe style? Anyone?), Siobhan singing the crap out of Something or Casey or Lee getting to take on I Me Mine, but luckily, Lennon/McCartney still have plenty (read: PLENTY) of amazing songs to pick from. If anyone falters tonight, can we just kick them all off at once? If you screw up the Beatles, you are simply unworthy.

Which brings us to song suggestions! I know The Beatles. Remember my top 50 Beatles songs that I think would be totally different now, only 6 months later? I have opinions. Let it begin!

Casey James
Oooh, options options options. Tonight will be very interesting for Casey. I'm feeling he can go in one of two directors. Acoustic, showing off both his voice and guitar skills, with no backing, just him an his guitar, or all out rocktastic rockyness - what he's been doing, but to the nth degree. Anything else and he'll just be stepping sideways or backwards, so fingers crossed, cause I love Casey and I don't want him going home. If it's just him and his guitar, I might suggest either Blackbird or Norweigan Wood. Both songs would require a little vocal reworking to make them show off his voice more, but they're both such beautiful songs that require such a mastery of the guitar (listen to how many takes NW needed in order for Lennon to not screw up the guitar and tell me I'm wrong) that they could really create a Simon Cowell branded "moment" for the hot rocker. If he's going in the other direction, I'd hope for either Things We Said Today, modernized just enough to sound as if it could be on his album right now at this moment, or Happiness with a Warm Gun, complete with dripping sex appeal. If Casey can manage to wipe that smile off his face - imagine the magic that song would create. Same with Revolution, in that angry, sexy style Across the Universe gave us. Or sexy fun I Saw Her Standing There?! Nomnom. Don't disappoint me, Casey James. Don't do it.

Lee Dewyze
This night could also be the one to push Lee all the way to front runner, depending on his song choice. The obvious suggestion is With a Little Help From My Friends, done in a style that mixes both Joe Cocker and Across the Universe for a bluesy rocksy, gravely voicey rocktastic throw down. Another famous Joe Cocker cover that would work well for Lee is She Came in Through The Bathroom Window. I'm secretly hoping he pulls out Dig a Pony. Can't you just see it? Lee going balls out with the "ALL I WANT IS YOU. EVERYTHING HAS GOT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU WANT IT TOOOOOOOO." Zomg. Plz.

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Crystal Mamasox
Oh the possibilities with this one. She could go in any number of directions and simply kick its ass. If Lee picks none of the songs I suggested for him, Crystal could easily kill them all. Could also see her showing off her vocal talent with Come Together, though it's been covered twice already on Idol, so I'm not sure it's the best choice...though knowing her, it'll be the best cover of it the show has seen anyway. Could also see her doing her gospel bluesy thing on Hey Jude or Let it Be. Let it Be was covered beautifully by Brooke White two seasons ago and Kris Allen earlier this year, but neither one of them tackled the Across the Universe all-out-gospel style that would KILL on the Idol stage. Would also be interested in seeing Crystal do something with You Never Give Me Your Money or Dont Let Me Down, which, while not one of my favorite songs, would really show off her voice. Also - Rosanne Cash's cover of I'm Only Sleeping? I think yes.

Big Mike
This is tough. I really wish he could rock While My Guitar Gently Weeps, but that's a Harrisson song and thus, not an option. Let It Be could be though, again, in the Across the Universe style. If Lee doesn't snag She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, that could also be a nice option for Big Mike, it's a song that can really take on the soul vibe. If he wants to go the softer, Mike loves his wife route, And I Love Her is always an option. If he wants to do his goofy thing, Got To Get You Into My Life is an option, though I worry it would be a bit too cheesy.

Siobhan Magnus

Omgomgomg can't wait. Okay. Let's get right to it. A part of me wants her to sing Because with no music, somehow using backup singers to show off how she can fit into any harmony she wants at any time or something. I don't know could be cool. Could also do a take on the Fiona Apple version of Across the Universe, but I worry there isn't enough range there. Siobhan is another one who could take on the ATU cover of Let It Be and win the night with flying colors. She could sing Come Together amazingly, but as the vibe of the song fits so much better with Crystal, I'm not gonna officially suggest it. If anyone could tackle I Want You/She's So Heavy, it's Siobhan. Well, really, it would have been Adam last season, but I could see some magic happening there. Would take a lot of work making it more about the vocals than the music though. Maybe a take on Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End? Could she do it?! Could also see her doing The Across the Universe version of If I Fell or a slowed down version of I'll Follow the Sun. Hell, she could even do Sexy Sadie. She could do...most things. If Casey doesn't snatch up Happiness is a Warm Gun? How amazing would Siobhan be?! She could also sing Dear Prudence incredibly well, but it's not one of my favorite songs, so I don't want her to.

Aaron Kelly
Paul ballad. Ahh! That sounds like Paul Ballard. From Dollhouse. Sidetracked. Aaron can only and will only sing a Paul ballad. I hope whatever he picks is less Yesterday and more For No One, so at least I'm not annoyed when he's singing. Though I do think his own take on All My Loving could be cute. Slowed down, like Across the Universe's cover is at the beginning. This kid is 16 though, so chances are he's gonna sing Yesterday or In My Life. Cause what does he know? His voice would sound nice on You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, but I don't see that happening.

Katie Stevens
I couldn't care less if I tried. Let's go with Hold Me Tight cause I think her voice might sound good singing that. Could also see her doing the ATU cover of If I Fell, but it wouldn't sound nearly as good as Siobhan doing it.

Tim Urban
Ugh. Who cares. I hope he just surrenders & accepts that he is a joke and sings a bossa nova version of Run for your Life. He could always sing I Will, which has no range and is sweet. I mean, does it matter what he does? It's gonna sound dumb no matter what. If he did a slowed down version of I'll Follow the Sun, he could be a little better than normal, but eh, no, he won't be.

Andrew Garcia
I almost forgot about him. Hrm. Maybe a unique cover of Think for Yourself? Maybe Sexy Sadie? His voice can be awesome when he wants it to be. Maybe It's Only Love could be cute? I don't know with Andrew. Nothing defines him. Maybe a soul-ish take on Oh Darling, even though that was already covered this season? Actually he may do the best doing the I Am Sam version of Two of Us, Aimee Mann vibe, but again, it's hard to suggest for him. I just don't know.