Friday, April 23, 2010

Things That Piss Me Off [Rant]

(Yeah, thats $236.48 EACH for $77 tickets)

Excuse me while I go punch a wall for not buying the first tickets that came up, even though they were shitty seats. I'm much more willing to pay 77 for the worst seats in the orchestra than I am to shell out 125 each for the balcony. Fuckity fuck poop. And while we're on the matter, what kind of heartless, money grubbing terrible person buys EIGHT seats to a once in a lifetime event like this, taking them away from fans who were on Ticketmaster RIGHT at 10am (for some people, it was sold out as soon as they tried to get tix) so they can sell them to these same people for a 300% mark-up? Basterds. This bites.