Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol Top 6 - Shania Twain Not A Terrible Idea After All?

 I was skeptical about this Shania Twain business, but you know what? I take it back. Everyone improved tonight. Does that mean I suddenly like Aaron Kelly and think he deserves to be in this competition? Absolutely not. Also? Mamasox continued to prove that she's a fuckin badass. ONWARD!

Lee - Still The One
Confused by how he is singing this. Off key? Or just weird? Still not a HUGE fan of his voice, but actually it's not terrible. And his look continues to grow on me. Not sure he needed the whole orchestra to come in. Kinda killed the whole "Lee making it his own" vibe for me. But still solid overall.
Step sideways - Still solid
Randy - One of his favorite songs of all time. Started out pitchy, but mid-way, found a way to make it his own & found his sweet spot
Ellen - Better than a pretty good job. Always makes it his own. Never a sound alike. Couldn't look cuter.
Kara - Sound of his voice makes it sound so relevant. Liked how he was feeling the song. Good job.
Simon - Agree with everyone. Absolutely the perfect song for him.

I just decided Lee looks kind of super sexy tonight. Did someone get laid between last week and now? .... What?

Mike - It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
He can definitely sing. Probably Definitely my favorite tone of the remaining guys. Not sure I'm a fan of the arrangement, but Mike *always* sounds great and tonight is so exception. And he definitely made it his own, very him. He even made Shania Twain cry!
Step Forward
Randy - In the zone
Ellen - Felt like Luther Vandross, felt his emotion, beautiful
Kara - Always feels his connection to his songs, what she appreciates most. Melody is so beautiful and loved that he didn't change it TOO much, but changed it enough to put his mark on it
Simon - Agrees about Luther Vandross analogy, spot on. But performance was a little bit "wet". Randy doesn't know what Simon means. No one does. Simon clarifies that he means it was a little bit girlie. Um...okay, Simon.

Sidenote: When Shania Twain speaks, she sounds like she is French. That is all.

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Casey - Don't
Casey singing a "singing song" Nice!
Already wish it was just him and the guitar, no piano or snaps or whatever the fuck is going on in the background. But he's sitting! And not smiling! Exactly what he needs to be doing. And he actually sounds pretty good in that higher register. REALLY wish it was just him and the guitar. For real for real. He is doing a lot less goat bleat vibratto and sounds great! Some falsetto in there too! Nice!
Step Forward
Randy - One of the best Casey James performances ever. Hopes he learns something here.
Ellen - Sang it like that's where he belongs. Beautiful, thinks it was his best performance to date
Kara - Artists do not hide and that's what he did - he didn't hide, he was vulnerable, he was raw, if he keeps doing it, he'll be at the front of the competition
Simon - Last week was a much needed wake up call for Casey, he wasn't taking part in the competition. Agrees that this was his performance so far. Tells Casey to give Shania a kiss on the lips. It's awkward. They hug. We don't know what's going on.

Crystal - No One Needs To Know
Crystal calls out her boyfriend "He'll man up one of these days." Fuckin awesome
This set up is cool. Ooooh. Like classic country awesomeness. Band members on the stage beside her. Some bluegrass going on! This is sweet. Slide guitar. Ohmygod I love her. I love this. She sounds amazing. Kind of feels like she is purposefully trying to stay emotionally disconnected, but whatever, it's awesome.
Step Sideways of Awesomeness
Randy - Loves the Nickel Creek vibe. Wasn't his favorite, but loves her and seeing her change things up and actually doing country
Ellen - Nothing she can't do. Not her favorite performance of hers, but like asking which is your least favorite color of the rainbow.
Kara - Impossible for her not to be good, always coming from a place of truth. Was it her best? No. But it was still amazing.
Simon - Thought it was limp. Like when you hire a band at a coffee shop you don't wanna hear. Kind of forgettable. Only week he hasn't really liked her performance.

"Lack of conviction? I don't think so - he's right there." points to her boyfriend. Awe.Some. Also, Crystal's boyfriend is adorable. We all wonder if he is her baby daddy cause if so, YEAH, TIME TO PUT A RING ON IT. Also, eff Simon. Sure, it wasn't as emotional or huge as last week, but it was still GREAT. Like...great. Whatever.

Aaron - You Got A Way
Blahblahblah. Eh, Sounds kind of off. Boring. Not in the same league as anyone else. BORED. Go home now.
Side sideways - Continuing to piss me off and make me miss Tim Urban
Randy - His wheelhouse, good job
Ellen - Tough week, everyone's great. Great emotional depth. Great maturity.
Kara - Thought he really felt it. Changed the line from "when to make love" to something else, which was a smart move. Aaron reveals it was cause he was singing it to his mom. None of us care.
Simon - Thinks he has struggled the past few weeks. However, tonight, like a different artist. Felt believable, like a record he would release.


Siobhan - Any Man Of Mine
She's so weird. But I like watching her. She sings on key. I like her outfit too. This is so weird. Ack! Hit a bad note! Hmmm. Lucky she has VFTW backing her this week. Have NO clue what is gonna happen tomorrow. Siobhan walks by Crystal's boyfriend and he gives some GREAT face. Great ending to the song, but not sure that's enough to make up for the rest of the performance. Ultimately, better than last week by far.
Step Forward - For the ending
Randy - Different, loved it
Ellen - Good way to end the show, fantastic
Kara - Guess who is back? Siobhan!
Simon - Really liked that song. Screaming may have gone a little bit - and then he's cut off by everyone, judges included, who say it was great. Simon says it sounded like she was giving birth. Kara exclaims the word "Sassy."

Top Two: Crystal (STFU Simon), Casey (Sounded GREAT)

Middle Two: Lee & Mike. Both solid.

Bottom Two: Aaron (UGH GO HOME), Siobhan (A little on the bizarre side until the end)

I have a horrifying feeling Mike or Casey are going home, but I REALLY hope it's High School Student Aaron Kelly, PLEASE

Casey A
Crystal A-
Mike B+
Lee B+
Siobhan B
Aaron C