Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things That Are True: I Am Buying These

I want to be Hit-Girl and I want to marry (...yes...marry...not anything less virtuous than that....of course not...) Kick Ass so it seems only natural that I buy these figures for myself. Though the smart thing to do would be to wait until Comic Con so I can make a point of going to the Entertainment Earth booth to buy them w/o shipping costs and because I love having "Toy Goals" at Comic Con. I'll get there during preview night and get meself a pack before the other 129,999 people get a chance to pick one up and I'll immediately take them out of the box (an important lesson I learned, courtesy of @BurnettRM - toys are meant to be taken out of the box!) and set them up with my Nite Owl, mask-less Rorshach, Tarantino as a Crazy 88, Joker bobble-head and my army of mini-mates. Oh and my custom made Daniel Faraday unpainted action figure WHAT HOW COULD I NOT ORDER THAT?!

Click below to be awesome and pre-order now!

Order Kick-Ass 6-Inch Action Figure Set from Entertainment Earth!