Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fangirl Awards FAQ

Been getting a lot of questions about ballot specifications, so I thought I would clarify some things on the blog!

Q: Why is there no Supporting Actor/Actress on TV category?

A: I originally didn't have a TV acting category whatsoever, as I was trying to keep the awards more focused toward film this year, but then realized we all love TV too much to ignore an acting category entirely! But I worried that differentiating between lead & supporting would go one of two ways: Either yield the same results as any awards show or end up not filled out or too confusing, because sometimes it's hard to know who is considered supporting or lead when it comes to our geek shows that are never recognized by legit award ceremonies. Just seemed like too much.

The Best Actor & Best Actress on TV categories are about who you think the best actors on television are, in any size role. It's a chance to narrow it down & really think about who is best, overall. For example, I think Ever Gjokaj is one of the best actors on television and while his role on Dollhouse may be considering supporting, he's still demonstrated more range and ability in two seasons than most lead actors do for the entire run of a show. So screw whose the best at being the lead and whose the best at supporting - I'm interested in who's the best.

Q: Are these all for 2009 only, or are some for all-time/the decade?

A: Every answer should be in regards to 2009 only.

Q: For Best Villain & Best Chemistry, should we write actor names or character names?

A: Either will do as I'll know who you mean in any event, but why don't we say character names, plus the name of the movie/tv show, just so it's uniform

Q: What happens if categories like "Most Overrated/Underrated" get so many differing nominees, that there are no 5 that rule them all?

A: In any scenario where the Fangirl Academy's individual answers differ so much that five clear nominees to not exist, the writers at All Things Fangirl will make an executive decision and pick from whatever you guys submit. We will act as the tie-breakers - the Vice President's role in the Senate, if you will. ... Sorry, thinking a lot about the Senate today, as I'm sure all of you are too!

Q: If I throw in some remarks about my nominees, any chance anyone will get to read them?

A: ATFG new writer @TooAdorkable actually had quite the fun idea regarding that scenario: "What if we added an Apples to Apples element? With every nomination, people can write a sentence or give a quote for why they think the nominee is awesome, and then the best, most hilarious, most clever statements/quotes can be included on the final nominations with credit given to the person who penned it." Sound good? Have at it!

Q: The "platonic or is it?" category, is that just platonic? Or does there have to be a relationship (i.e. Harry+Hermione in HP)

A: Platonic, no romantic relationship. Just wanted a category that could account for the actors who have great chemistry whether their characters are in a "relationship" or not. Just any relationship you enjoy that isn't 1. overtly romantic (i.e. Holmes & Watson - people have their suspicions, but nothing is spelled outright), 2. romantic at all, (i.e. Dr. Parnassus & The Devil - amazing chemistry, not romantic in the slightest) or 3. isn't romantic yet (i.e. Brennan/Booth on Bones. Or Jack/Liz on 30 Rock, one might argue, haha. There is romantic chemistry mixed in the platonic chemistry, it just hasn't been realized or admitted yet, if it ever will be)

Other examples from ballots I've received so far: Paul Rudd & Jason Segal (I Love You Man), The boys of the Hangover, the girls of Whip It, Jessie & Woody (Zombieland, but it's funny that their first names are outta Toy Story 2), Sam & Gerty or Sam & you know who (Moon), Spock & Kirk (Star Trek), Penny & Sheldon (Big Bang Theory), Chuck & Morgan or Chuck & Casey (Chuck), Adama & Tigh (BSG), Topher & Adele (Dollhouse), Peter & Walter (Fringe) and so on and so forth.

Q: Best Characterization of an Established Figure - what qualifies as an "established figure"?

A: Any figure that has already been established anywhere - in comics, previous movies or tv shows, books, or even history. So it could apply to anyone from a comic book adaptation (i.e. Watchmen), any reboot (i.e. Star Trek), anything based on a book (WTWTA, Lovely Bones) or anything that draws from history & uses real life figures (Inglorious Basterds' Hitler, Night at the Museum, biopics). Originally, the category just applied to figures from comics/books, but due to the variety of nominations I've received already, we've opened it up a bit.

Any more questions: Send em to AllThingsFangirl@gmail.com and we'll add them on to this page with an answer!