Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best Artist You've Never Heard Of

British singer Findlay Brown performed on Letterman last night & seriously impressed the pants off not only the audience, but Paul & the band and Dave himself. If you've been watching Dave as long as I have, you know it ain't easy to impress the man. Findlay Brown's music has been playing on and off in my family's household for a year now and for the past month or so has been playing non-stop. His wistful blend of soulful Righteous Brothers vocals & Zombies/British Invasion-esque structure makes for a refreshing experience in today's musical landscape made up mostly of electro-pop and the alternative, guys & girls with acoustic guitars or pianos. His songs jump back and forth between coming right out of the 50s & right out of the 60s, but with enough of a modern tinge to sound completely unique. I encourage you to check out his MySpace page and if you like him enough, to pick up his album on iTunes or Amazon or wherever the hell they sell albums digitally these days.

His performance on Dave below

Note: I rarely write about music because I don't feel I have the proper vocabulary to describe anything properly. But please don't let my poor diction prevent you from checking out this artist!


Castling said...

My diction's a joke and I write about music often.

I liked your description better than the music itself.